Fold Your Hand – Ideas Around it

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  • 22 January,2019

Folding a good hand surely sounds like a crazy idea but sometimes it can actually save you a hell lot of money and even helps you win. For any poker tournaments in India player folding a strong hand is one of the greatest challenges while playing poker tournaments in India. However, it is also one of the most crucial skills that every pro must learn.

Let’s face it, folding a bad hand is pretty easy – all of us can do that. But it takes real skill and expertise to know when you need to ‘laydown’ even though you have a flush. Fact is folding is the key to long-term and consistent victory in poker. Today we are going to take a look and when and how you should fold. Keep grinding and take a look at Latest Poker News India through our website.

Believe Your Guts

Imagine this. You are at the table at a live free roll poker tournament and you get the feeling that your hand may not be as good as it should have been. But let’s not use the term ‘feeling’. Let’s say your subconscious gives you signals and it is imperative that you pick up those signals. You must always trust your instincts by following what your intuition is telling you. Poker pros often do this instinctively with total accuracy. However, for others like us, it is an essential poker skill we need to develop.

Spot The Warning Signs

When playing live poker in India, you are bound to encounter some danger signs from some of the basic moves made by your opponents. Once you are cautious and you spot these signs, it usually means your rivals have something sinister up their sleeves and they are ready to make their big move in the next card. Observe the chips. If one of the opponents have put in more than the odds for a straight draw or a flush or perhaps even come out of position, there is a good reason why they are doing that.

If you notice that certain players have called all your bets even when you had a strong reputation of playing good hands only, then it possible they are very confident about their hands and you need to take this with utmost seriousness.

Time For Some Poker Math

Beyond your instincts and warning signs, some serious poker math can also help you understand when to fold. This can not only help you make better decisions but also enable you to win big at poker tournaments in India. Although math might sound scary to some, it is actually pretty basic when it comes to poker. Let’s start with some addition – add your poker chips. If you are running low on chips then make sure to bet them only on the best hands. It might not be the popular advice but it will help you beat the crowd.

Now let’s include some statistics about your opponents. How much do they raise? What is the raising range on a great hand, a good hand and a bad hand? Understanding this will keep you away from unnecessary risks and analyze the strength of your opponents’ cards.