Read These 5 Poker Books before You Play Your Next Game

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  • 18 January,2019

Reading poker books are one of the best ways to improve your skills and getting better at the table. Many people argue that knowledge found in books is a bit outdated, but the truth is that many key principles of poker strategy like how to remain calm on  the  poker table  and many more things are still in force.

There are many poker books you will get to know about in poker news India, but how many of them are really worth it? Poker Indian Group have listed 5 of them you must think about reading to make the next step in your game.

  1. Gardena Poker Clubs

Gardena Poker Clubs: A High Stakes History by Max Votolato throws light on California poker scene from its quasi legal origins in the 1930s through the modern day. It focuses on the sleepy town of Gardena, California. It became a poker Mecca due to its early embrasure of legal card rooms.  The book has a narrow focus, but the story of poker’s legality in California requires an in-depth exploration.  It’s a story of Ernie Primm and Russ Miller who fought for legal poker, ended up in handcuffs before they were successful. This book was published in 2017 and its really fascinating to read for anyone who is interested in poker.

  1. Biggest Game in Town

The next popular book is Alvarez’s Biggest Game in Town. If you are new to poker history, then this is just the perfect jumping off point. It focuses on author’s time and experiences at the 1981 World Series of Poker.  The author introduces some of the poker’s legendary characters like Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson, Binions and Eric Drache.

  1. Ghosts at the Table

Ghosts at the Table is a collection of stories published in 2008 by UK writer, Des Wilson. This book is divided into four sections ‘Four Ages of Poker’

  1. Riverboat Gamblers
  2. Texas Rounders
  3. Living Legends
  4. Internet Gamers

Wilson only focuses on specific people, events or places. He tries to uncover some new details and bring each story to life.

  1. Cowboys Full

Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker by James McManus is a poker encyclopedia. This book covers a lot of topics. It ranges from the game’s origins to famous practitioners to the Internet era. The book was published in 2009.  It’s more of a textbook than a page turner.  The book has a plenty of tales- some verified and some not. It explains how poker formerly dominated by card sharps is the most popular game in Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and on television.

  1. Knights of the Green Cloth

Knights of the Green cloth by Robert K. DeArment is a book that has an overview of the early days of poker and the lives of professional gamblers. It includes a ton of footnotes for further reading. Knights is full of history and vignettes. This doozy from Canada Bill Jonas is a classic.