4 Unique Ways to Spot the Poker Fish at the Table

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  • 16 January,2019


You will find more than half of the players in the online poker rooms are basically ignorant and inexperienced. These players are referred to as ‘poker fish’. They are important as the fish pay the bills.  They are the ones who generate a large amount of profit you will make in this game. Therefore, follow these 4 ways to spot the fish easily.


  1. Playing too many hands


You can easily identify a fish at the poker table as someone is playing 40 per cent or more of their hands. We know that getting involved in too many pots can get you in a lot of trouble and it isn’t profitable at all. If you are playing online, you can know how many hands somebody is playing by checking your HUD (Heads Up Display). Once you get a sample of at least 20 hands on someone, you will get the percentage of their hands they are playing. It is also referred to as VPIP.


  1. Raising often


The fish will be very passive in the poker game. It means that most of the time they will limp into the pot with all the bad hands they are playing. Even after the flop, they will just tend to call most of the time. So, if you use HUD, you will see a VPIP of 40% or more and a preflop raise percentage (PFR) which is a single digit.  For example, VPIP=40 and PFR=8. Sometimes, you will also encounter the aggressive kind of fish.  They will have stats that look like VPIP=40 and PFR=30. You need a different strategy to beat them.


  1. Make fundamental mistakes


A common feature of all poker fish, whether they are passive or aggressive, they make large fundamental mistakes at all stages of the hand. They check when they should bet or call when they should fold. There is one simple way to crush the fish that new players misunderstand is just stop thinking so much. Give them a reason to call. Don’t try to trap them as small stakes regs do.  It means just throwing away your cash.


  1. Weak Bankroll management


The vast majority of your profits will come from the fish in poker. The regs are just trading cash back and forth with a few of the better ones making a small profit. It’s quite obvious that the card room is taking its slice of the pie. They never lose at poker. However, the house always wins, no matter what the game is. So if the house or regs are taking the cash out of the poker economy, then who is putting back into it? Yes, it is the fish. The recreational players are the ones who are depositing their cash again and again and bankrolling the entire industry.


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