Top 5 Tips to Master the Art of Poker Bluffing

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  • 15 January,2019

Bluffing is a very important aspect in the game of poker. Bluffing in poker is when a player fakes his face or fakes a move against his real motives. In order to be successful bluffer, you need to know the thoughts of other players to create a game plan for winning.

Poker bluffing is an art as a player needs to consider a lot of factors. Poker Indian Group brings some tips for you on how to master the art of poker bluffing. Here are top 5 different ways to bluff in poker.

  1. Selecting hands

You don’t need to play every hand to win poker with bluffing. Reserve your bluffing for the right moments for better chances of winning. Most people can’t even skip a round when they are given a lousy starting hand as they get bored when they fold. They can’t wait for the next hand and play anyway, eventually they lose money.

  1. Do not bluff against newbies

Don’t bluff when you are playing against newbies or bad players as they call bets frequently regardless of the strength of their hand. They even don’t know what the game is all about and just happy to call down bets with mediocre hands. Bad or inexperienced players do not have the ability to fold. A good player will first try to understand the strength represented by you. You should follow this rule, even if you have a stronger hand.

  1. Limit your bluffs

Bluffing is a common poker strategy. You should know when to bluff and make it a strategy that should be advised by some experienced players or any online poker news India. It is not true as it is also possible to be a winning poker player without even bluffing once. So, bluffs should be limited as much as possible. Use it only in situations when you are sure that your opponent will be forced to fold.

  1. Do not go for a multitude

If you want to be a successful bluffer, always bluff at least 2 players at a time. With many active players at the table, you are not likely to scare more than 2 away. If you go against this rule, it will cause one of the unmoved players to call your bluff if he has a strong hand. Remember, pots with more than two players are not profitable for bluffing. This is because the more the opponents you are betting into, the less willing a player would be to call.

  1. The winning hand

Bluffing should be based on the pot odds. It means you need to display an attitude with a winning hand each time you bluff. When a player bluffs, he anticipates folding of a minimum of one hand. If there is more money in the pot, a player is not likely to fold as he has more to gain by playing and your bluff will fold more hands with a small pot. Therefore, it should not be wasted on a large pot.

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