Scott Baumstein leads the pack heading into Day 4 of the PSPC

By superadmin
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  • 11 January,2019

The PokerStars Players Championship nears a final table. Day 4 of the PSPC began with just 38 out of 1,039 players. Scott Baumstein started the day with 4,740,000 chips, a comfortable lead over second place chip leader Yiannis Liperis from the UK. He has 4,210,000 in chips as they head into Day 4.

Baumstein’s biggest live cash is $220,238 till date. So, if he wins the PSPC, he would be looking at a $5.1 million per day. Spain’s Ramon Colilas, a PSPC Platinum Pass winner is in the fifth place. He started with 2,895,000 chips making him in the running for the first place finish.

Kristen Bicknell, GPI Female Player of the Year and party poker pro heads into Day 4 with 1,115,000 chips. Dan O’Brian heads with 1,764,000 in 13th place into Day 4. If Ramon Colilas or other Platinum Pass winner wins the PSPC, then it will be a huge win for PokerStars.