How to Play Poker Like a Boss?

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  • 10 January,2019

Poker game is an exciting option to kill your time if you are into card games. It can be fun-filled if you are playing in a traditional way or can be rich in adrenaline if you play online with real cash. Not every player can step up their game and become a pro.

When it comes to poker game online, you need to be extra smart to read the hands of the opponents or spot the poker fish at the table . It comes with practice experience of playing more. Some clever moves and little tricks can make you a pro in the poker game. Here are some tips:

  1. Focus On Pure Sequence

As soon as the 13 cards are dealt, every poker expert focuses on creating a pure sequence first.  It reduces the chance of getting a higher count even if you lose. Forming a pure sequence acts a life saviour when the opponent declares the game as it decreases the chance of getting a higher score.

  1. Know When to Quit

An expert knows when to play and when to quit the game. If you don’t have a good hand and it’s difficult to make a valid set, drop it immediately. However, it will lower the risk of your elimination and you can also get good cards in the second dealing.

  1. Keep A Tab On Opponent’s Cards

Having knowledge on the basic poker rules and hours of practising makes a player a pro. While playing poker, keep an eye on your competitors as which card he is picking and discarding.  It will give you an idea of what sequence he is trying to form.

  1. Take The Help Of Joker

Using a Joker is a wise decision as it acts as a wild card in poker. It can increase your chance of winning. You can use Joker to form a non-pure sequence to win the game. First, try to form a pure sequence and then use the Joker to complete another set. In this way, your points will be reduced if your opponent declares the game.

  1. Circumstances Are Significant

In the game of poker, many aspects like a number of players amount at stake, their expertize levels etc. matters. So, consider all the aspects and proceed accordingly.

Beginners must check latest poker news India and understand how the online poker works. Understand the basic rules of the game, play for free or cash, try different variants and feel the real thrill.