Aditya Sushant Wins Main Event For INR 7.65 Lacs At Baadshah Gaming Live

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  • 01 December,2018

Here is some amazing Poker news India for all our poker lovers! Aditya Sushant from Chennai has won the Main Event title as the Baadshah Gaming Live Series comes to an end. Although the series had lower than expected entries but the players certainly had a great time at the event and admired the overall series organized onboard the Casino Pride.

Aditya Sushant outplayed 66 other players and emerged at the top at the 30K Main Event. He became the chip lead on the final day and maintained his dominance throughout the final table. Sushant faced off against Anup Palod from Mumbai in a heads-up battle and defeated him to claim the winning title. He entered a deal with INR 7.65 Lakhs and took home a sweet INR 7.65 lakhs cash prize while Anup bagged an impressive INR 6.75 Lakhs as the runner-up finisher in the tourney.

About his win, Sushant said, “The strategy was simple, make minimal mistakes and don’t spew. I caught up just a couple of hours of sleep and was wondering how it will play down today. I wanted to give it my best.” He added “Feels very good, this is my first trophy at Casino Pride and it feels good to play here after so long. Maddy’s Main Event was superb and I really enjoyed the heads-up battle with Palod.”

Palod was also very excited about the heads-up and stated “When the play was down to 15 players, me and Sushi (Aditya Sushant) were speaking about how this would be our first final table together, in my mind, I knew it was going to be heads-up between both of us and that’s exactly what happened.”

At the final table, the WSOP bracelet winner Aditya opened while Palod called. He immediately checked the flop when Aditya fired a bet. With Anup Palod going for 3-bet, Aditya Sushant called. When the board showed the river 5s, Aditya called with Qh-7c where Palod came with Kd-8c. And Aditya Sushant confidently claimed the win with two pairs.

We congratulate Aditya Sushant and Anup Palod on their big win and hope to see them win more tourneys in future.

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