Poker staking will be simpler in India with the arrival of StakeKings

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  • 27 November,2018

The name StakeKings does not require much of an introduction in the global poker community as it is the largest poker staking marketplace in the world! Founded by infamous Tyler Hancock, StakeKings has recently announced its interest towards forming a new platform in India! It is shifting its focus to the upcoming poker market, India where the perception about poker is slowly changing amidst the population as more and more people are recognizing it to be a skill-based strategy game that it is.

The company has revealed its plans to soon launch a new version of the website along with a new redesigned mobile app, which promises a pack of exciting features and function that will make the site more easily accessible to the Indian poker community. Indian mobile internet usage marketplace is expected to increase two times higher than that of US with more than 530 million users expected by the beginning of 2018.

The name StakeKing is the most trusted brand when it comes to poker staking in the world. Its inception was based on the idea of creating a tool to allow the elites of the poker community, the celebrated pros to sell their poker actions to fans around the world, with ease as the staking marketplace itself did all the hard work involved will the selling of the actions. They do everything from collecting the money from the backers to marketing packages to backers to even sending out the winnings and refunds to those backing as well as handling tax documents and other formalities.

It has been a huge success and has attracted the most famous names in the poker community including the likes of – Doug Polk, Antonio Esfandiari, Jeff Gross, Brian Rast, Parker Talbot as well as Charlie Carrel to name a few.
They have an advanced piece of software backing their web platform that allows players to sell their poker action to infinite number of people and also allows fans from around the world to buy actions from their favorite pros, whom they would otherwise have no access to. However, the best part about them is the fact that the pros do not have to tackle any of the tedious formalities that comes with selling their action.

The Indian poker community is anxious to witness the launch of the new platform with the key focus on the Indian poker field. In latest poker news in India which only a few industry insiders were privy on, the StakeKings group has recently concluded a successful trail run to get the feel of the overall market and learn as much as they can from about Indian poker pros, backers and the overall poker culture. They have reportedly been extremely impressed with the response from the poker enthusiasts and were happy to witness the support and help players provide to each other.

Eka Vedantham is the first Indian poker pro who sold his actions at the platform and helped the company conduct their test in the Indian market, which resulted in bringing in 10 more poker pros into selling their actions. Namely – Sumit Sapra, Raghav Bansal, Paawan Bansal, Muskan Sethi, Arsh Grover, Prabhat Kiran, Romit Advani, Shravan Chhabaria, Vivek Rughani and Dhaval Mudgal.

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