Are You Embarrassed by Your Poker Skills? Here’s What to Do

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  • 23 November,2018

Interested in playing poker and becoming a pro? Well, Poker is gradually emerging as a game that needs skill and strategies. To become a pro in the game is not easy and to make it happen one needs to take care of various factors and learn Poker tournament strategy.

Can you honestly say – how many times did you actually wanted to be an online poker pro? Frankly speaking – I did on more than one occasion. Playing poker earning a living seems more than perfect for the ones who love poker gaming. Now the question that frequently brainstorms you is – How to be an online poker pro? Trying to learn the game in one single step means – quit your present job and devote your time playing tourneys and free rolls. Here are four quick poker tips that can help you in your voyage to learn the game well:

Study the game well:

Learning poker insists that you go through every details of the game and make sure you know the game well. Continue researching and studying more with each game that you are a part of. You should actually never stop finding and earning the game. Since, standing still seems quitting the game and you are left behind. Join Poker clubs, training sites or hire a coach to teach you the twists and details of the game.

Study the game well!

Prove yourself as a winner

Just do not decide to jump into game because you feel this will help you make more money. In fact, you must remain calm and composed with every step that you take towards and in the game. This is why it is important to prove that you know the details to be one of the profitable online poker player before anything else. If, you won a tourney and won double the amount of your salary at the tables – which made you think that POKER is easy for a living – to them I must say it is WRONG!

Prove yourself as Winner and not loser!

Be realistic:

While jumping into poker gaming as professional, knowing the Poker tournament strategy required, make sure you can fathom well. This implies that you should calculate the number of games or tables that you need to play in order to suffice by your previous salary. Most people fail in this very step. They tend to overthink, thus resulting in a calculation that might exceed their talent, thus creating a major problem.

Be Realistic!

Bankroll and life roll – check it well

Did not read the previous points? And still you feel that you can be a poker pro? Well, do you have a bankroll and other finances in order? Most poker pro players make sure that they tuck away a chunk of their money – for example – six months’ worth life is stocked in a separate bank account to support him or her when things appear to be pear shaped. The bankroll of a professional player larger than a recreational player.

Good Bank roll!

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-Shikta Roy