Why You Need a Poker Break Before You Go Broke

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  • 21 November,2018

It’s true we all love poker. But sometimes we can also hate the game. You know what I mean. Millions of players across the world enjoy playing the game and today over 100 million people globally play poker more than tennis or golf. Why? It is the perfect combination of passion, thrill and profession. Poker tournament Online is challenging and fun, yet it allows you to make a living simply by playing the game. However, there are some occasions, when playing poker can feel the exact opposite. It can be a cruel game that can be very frustrating especially when you are facing downswings.

Is it time for a break?

Downswings are awful & nasty experiences that can crush your spirit. Even when you think you are playing well, somewhere in the back of your mind there is a slight crack of doubt. It is this doubt which makes you wonder if winning the pot is a fantasy you have only read in books. You start thinking if playing more can help you win the money you have already lost on the table. It makes sense the only way to get the money you lost playing poker would be to play more Poker Tournament Online. But that’s where you are wrong!

This is exactly when you should take a break from poker and re-strategize your game. When the lows outweigh the highs, it is best to take some time off from poker and it will only make things better for you as a pro player or someone who aspires to be one.

Still wondering how taking a break can help you? Well, here are some benefits that a poker break can get you-

Reflect On Your Game

Taking some time off from poker can be seriously difficult for most of us. However, this time can help you gain some much needed clarity which you might have lacked earlier. When playing regularly, our thoughts tend to get riddled by the continuous exposure to poker tournaments in India. Taking some off time from the game will enable you to reflect on your skills, decisions and strategies which you have implemented on the table till now and help you think how you can improve them.

Build Yourself Up

If you tend to play poker games hours upon hours every day and grinding at the table, whether online or live, then you are seriously missing out on some much required time away from the game. Taking a break from poker will allow you to pursue your other passions and hobbies. Moreover, it will also allow you to build your relationships with others including your family and friends and reconnect with them better.

Adjust Your Bankroll

When you are on a downswing then taking a break from poker can be advantageous to your bankroll, especially during the dark ages. The fact is constant grinding for extended periods can compel even pro players to lose focus and feel monotony. As result, you might experience heavy losses and become a victim of downswing. When your bankroll is getting hit hard, the best thing to do is take a break. Getting back to your favorite game after a short period can often result in better financial outcomes. Taking some time off from the constant mental pressure bestowed by the game can bring about several benefits. It will not only transform your state of mind but also help to boost the quality of your game.

So don’t be too much bothered about missing out on high value Poker tournament Online; instead just focus on your own life and enjoy the company of your loved ones. There will always be a better game for you when you return.


-Shikta Roy