Nishant Sharma Wins INR 405000 At Adda52 Millions

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  • 21 November,2018

Here is some great poker news India for all poker lovers! Nishant Sharma won INR 405000 at the Adda52 Millions this Sunday. With the Adda52 Millions Series going wild, more and more players are getting attracted to the tourney which is offering impressive prize pools in several events throughout its schedule. Last Sunday the Adda52 Millions tournament witnessed a lot of exciting action and offered a massive prize pool of INR 15 Lac for a minimal INR 5500 buy-in. More than 162 players took part in the event where Nishant ‘DoJingBULLETS’ Sharma came out victorious by beating the other participants. Nishant, who is a renowned online player on, outplayed Vikas‘vicky0809’ Shah in the final battle.

Nishant not only claimed the winning title but he was also awarded a whopping INR 405000 for coming in the first place. However, Vikas did not go home empty-handed. Vikas‘vicky0809’ Shah who became the first runner-up took home a massive cash prize of INR 255000. Cash prizes were paid out to the top 18 winners in the tournament where the minimum cash prize offered was INR 15000.

The final hand of the tournament proved very exciting where blinds ran 25000/50000 with ante 5000. Vikas ‘vicky0809’ Shah played like a true online grinder and raised to 75000 from small blind. Nishant ‘DoJingBULLETS’ Sharma went all in from the big blind for 7, 2896255. Vikas had to finally make the call when the action shifted back to him. At the table, DoJingBULLETS held Jh-Qs, vicky0809 held Kc-Ah and the board showed 2d-3s-7h-10h-Qd. As the board did not prove lucky for Vikas, Nishant came out victorious with a pair of queens.

Take a look at the Final Table Payouts (Rs):

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