Put The Fun Back In Poker: 7 Ways To Enjoy Poker Even When You Lose

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  • 19 November,2018


Poker can surely give you a unique thrill that you will not find in any other game. You can make sure that you get news about Poker League In India. The excitement of developing strategies, analyzing your rivals and playing to win the pot is undoubtedly unmatched. However, the poker experience can quickly turn sour when you start losing, especially for beginners.

So today I am going to tell you some great ways for you to enjoy the poker in India even when you are dealt a few bad hands. Let’s put some fun back into poker!

Plan To Lose

Wait, what? I know! If you are beginner then probably you are into online poker free rolls most of the time. And this gives you the opportunity to enjoy the game at its best. Poker is not a perfect game; despite how great you play there will be others who will play better. So instead of being determined to win all the time, plan to lose, observe the other players, take some risks and just have a jolly good time.

Enjoy Yourself

Do you stay focused at the table with your poker face on? Lighten up. Talk with the other players, crack a joke, smile, laugh and make some new friends. If you are taking some time off from your day job or studies to enjoy some good poker, then make sure you have a great time. Don’t take poker too seriously all the time. Staring down at other players and belittling new players is not fun.

Know The Rules

Do you want the other players at the table to hate you? If not, then know the rules of the game and understand when it’s time to take action. When you don’t slow the game down, your opponents will appreciate your professionalism at the table. Remember when I talked about making friends earlier? This is a good way to start.


Be Gracious

Whether you lose or win, remember to be gracious. When you win, buy a round of your favorite beverage for the other players. A broke player who just lost money will always appreciate that. And when you lose, buy a round as well. If you can’t afford that, then you need to rethink about your bankroll management strategy.

Learn Other Poker Games

Other than Texas Hold’em, it is a good idea to learn and play the other poker variants, the most popular being Omaha & Stud. There are many other variations that are fun and it will only better your overall poker skills.

Learn From Failures at  any online Poker league In India

That’s what being a man is all about! If you get a bad beat or lose some money, take it as a hard lesson. Indian poker teaches you a lot about life. So take it to your stride, shrug it away and focus on the next table.

Invite Friends and Friends of Friends

The game should be celebrated and enjoyed with a good mix of masculine and delicate energy. This mix challenges your poker skills without losing the fun factor from the tournament. Beating the opposite sex at a mind sport like Poker gets as exciting as it sounds. Furthermore, everyone is more focused on their game in order to save their face. So, it isn’t a bad thing to organize a chaos like this.

Got some more ideas to make poker fun? Share your views and opinions with us by commenting below. You can also deal with the Poker League in India from the news posted online.


Shikta Roy