Nishaanth Shanmugasundaram Wins 3 Lacs at The Endeavour

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  • 17 November,2018

Poker is surely a game of skills but a little luck can always be useful for poker player. Isn’t that right? Well, recently luck favored Nishaanth Shanmugasundaram as he proved his insane poker skills with his second big win in a span of just 2 months. After winning the Baazi Super Sundays tourney, Nishaanth aka Shanni won the The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD Deepstack Re-Entry tournament. Now that is some exciting poker news India!

Last Tuesday witnessed immense action on where Nishaanth got his beast mode on and fought it out at the battlefield against a troop of expert players and came out victorious. He not only bagged the winner’s title but also took home a massive cash prize of INR 3 lakhs.

The Rising Star

Being a recreational poker player, Nishaanth has a full-time career as a data scientist and has been into the game since last one year. Being an expert with strategy and data, it is no surprise that he is moving ahead at breakneck speed in the world of poker in India. Apart from poker, he also loves playing various other sports like chess and cricket. In fact, he has even represented the country at the World Youth Chess Olympiad.

Regarding his win, Nishaanth Shanmugasundaram said “I had a dream run last to last month. During that time, I came second in an Endeavour tournament. I feel very happy that I could close it this time.” He thought the tourney was very challenging with several pros playing against him. He added “The field, as usual, was pretty tough. The final table was one of the toughest I have had to play till now. The situation with the last 3 was pretty interesting as well as it was super swingy and we were all evenly poised to take it down.”

He believes in Indian poker “skill is a bit overrated and discipline a bit underrated in poker.”

Now that’s speaking like a true pro! We wish you the very best for your future in poker. Good luck at the tables.