Jaipur Jewels Team of Match IPL showcased a strong team

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  • 16 November,2018

The countdown is on as there are only two weeks until the day arrives when Mumbai will play the host to the inaugural event of Match Indian Poker League. So, it is not surprising to see the seven grand teams competing in the league are preparing in full vigor for a one of the most unique poker events to have ever taken place in India.

The man behind the event industrialist Raj Kundra has expressed his excitement on the prospect on numerous occasions. He believes the MIPL event will go on to greatly alter the misconstrued perspective of poker as a sport in India. The most important highlight of this league is the mainstream media attention it is poised to receive through their association with MTV India channel, which will be broadcasting the finale of the event.

In latest online poker news, the headlining features have mostly been about the MIPL league which has come out with yet another exciting announcement. The team representing the Pink city of Jaipur, Jaipur Jewels is under the unique ownership of a consortium that includes the infamous fire and ice duo of poker brothers. The owners are Aditya ‘Bitti” Agarwal and Praveen Agarwal. Bitti i.e. Aditya Agarwal has been a veteran player in the poker community, who took up poker professionally since 2007.

At the time he was only 18 years of age and soon found himself venturing into the business aspect of the game. He has a range of achievements and accolades within the poker industry with the most important being his contribution and efforts in legalization of poker in West Bengal after a long courtroom fight. He is also the man behind the Kolkata chapter of Indian Poker Association (IPA) which is an organization that seeks to make India a dominant force in the poker world globally.

In an interview with a popular e-magazine reporting poker news in India, Aditya spoke about his team by saying, ““All the team members are specialists in certain areas and have varied experience across various formats of the game which will be very useful in this format of the game…”

His brother Praveen on the other hand has always been a more career-centric youngster who spent quite some time with Bank of America a corporate investment bank in Mumbai, after his MBA. He got his degree from the highly coveted IIMC (Indian Institute of management, Calcutta). He has recently changed his career path as he moved back to his hometown Kolkata where he has joined his family business that delves in textiles and edible oils. He too is excited about the team which he describes to “a handpicked assortment of top poker players”.

Other co-owners of the team include well-known poker lovers as well as successful industrialists like Nikhil Maheswari, the owner of a textile company that mostly caters to Tripura and Kolkata area. The other co-owner of the team is Rahul Soni the head of Shree Vihar Housing and Developers Pvt. Ltd. which is a Non-Banking Financial Company. He is well-known for his financial knowledge and go-getter attitude in the community.

And finally, rounding up the ownership of the Jaipur Jewels is entrepreneur and poker enthusiast Ankush Agarwala who began his career as the founder of a transformer and switchgear manufacturing company and later diversified into constructions. Rajnish Kumar will be mentoring the Jaipur jewels team who is among the top 4 players in contention for the WPT India Player of the Year race.