How To Play Online Poker At Work (Without Getting Caught Ever)

By superadmin
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  • 16 November,2018

Being an awkward, talented and intelligent introvert (or at least that’s what I like to think of myself) there are very few things that actually challenge me. So it is pretty obvious that I am not really a fan of the whole ‘Corporate Slavery’ thing. I mean it’s boring as hell. You sit at the computer for 12-13 hours and help someone somewhere make loads of money. I say screw that! I want that money for myself! But enough of my ramblings! Today I am here to tell you how you can play poker games online at work without your boss finding out. So I am going to stay on track from here. No more ranting!

It’s Story Time

So you love to play poker games? Great! So do I. But before we can get to the topic, I believe I need to tell you a little story. I was hooked to poker while in college and instantly I knew this was going to be my thing. But soon college ended and I found myself in the cold grey corporate world. I felt trapped and caged with all these rules and restrictions. God how do people spend their entire lives following someone else’s directives? Yeah, I am ranting again!

But this job, which was very important to me at that time as it was my sole source of income (and by God, you have to earn money), had taken me away from the one thing I loved the most…POKER! However, I still managed to play online poker freerolls after returning home from work which took around 2 freaking hours every day (urgh)! (Note to self: you’re rambling again!)

As the months passed by, I got really good at my job (see I told you I am talented). I mean I could complete my daily scheduled tasks in half the time I was allotted. Yeah I was that good. Believe it! So I found myself with a lot of free time at work.

And that’s when I started to ponder about this idea…this great idea about what if I could play poker online India at work? I mean would it be really bad if I played my fav game instead of wasting these free hours at work? I mean I was a sincere employee and I did my work with utmost effectiveness and all that. So why couldn’t I…err…why shouldn’t I use this free time? And now I found myself with a new challenge and I loved it.

Becoming The Ninja

So I started sharing this idea at some of my regular online poker forums and apparently some of the players actually did this! AWESOME! In fact, one of my online poker buddies ‘TheJackedHustler’ suggested that it was pretty ‘doable’ and I just needed to be a bit careful about my surroundings. He even suggested a few pointers to help me out.

Here is the list in case you are planning the same thing, but let me remind you beyond this thrill is the real risk of getting fired. So tread with caution beyond this point (and no I am not rambling now, just a friendly warning).

  • Complete your work first. That’s your top priority. The focus here is to use your free time. Not to skip your responsibilities. Don’t cheat your company. They are paying you for God’s sake. (Plus this helps you when you get caught but more on that later).
  • Always look busy at work. Even when you are not working…fake it! Make sure it looks like you are doing something super important.
  • Place a mirror next to your monitor. If that looks weird, place your smartphone strategically on your monitor and use its black mirror-y surface to watch out for any approaching threats.
  • Keep work files open at all times. This will come in handy.
  • Know your keyboard shortcuts so that you can minimize to a more appropriate window in case someone pops-up suddenly.
  • Lower the brightness of your monitor. This will make it difficult for others to view your screen.
  • Browse the web in incognito mode. Ctrl+Shift+N in Google Chrome. (Thank me later).
  • Be aware of your surrounding area. Be the NINJA.
  • Prepare to face the consequences in case you get caught. Don’t play with fire if you’re afraid of getting burned.

Pro Tip Time

So here is my tip for you. If you wish to play poker at work without getting caught EVER, then make sure your boss is a poker player as well. Make him your mentor and watch the magic unveil. If he is not into poker yet, then it’s time you introduced him to the greatest game ever played. It’s that simple!

So get down to business and poker up your corporate life!