6 Best Snacks You Can Eat While Playing Poker Online

By superadmin
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  • 14 November,2018

Pizza sticks! Buffalo chicken nachos! Bacon cheddar chicken fingers! Chipotle Tortilla Chips! Beer!  If you think these scrumptious snacks are going to make it to the list of best snacks for playing poker tournament online, then you are completely wrong! Although these snacks can undoubtedly give your taste buds the much deserved kick and may be a good idea to try out at times but these are certainly not the perfect snacks to eat while playing online poker.

Why? Online poker games are as challenging as live free roll poker tournaments and hence you must be in top form to make the right moves and win the pot. The key factor in choosing the best online poker foods is staying energized & alert.

So here is the right list for the best snacks you should eat when playing poker online.


Nuts can be a great snack to have while playing poker on your computer or smartphone. Nuts like almonds, cashews & pistachios are high in protein while walnuts & peanuts are good for a consistent energy release. You can easily chomp and crunch on these nuts at your leisure as these can prove beneficial to your game. However, make sure to avoid packaged nuts or the ones roasted in oil. Eat dry roasted or raw nuts for the best results.

Baked Potatoes

Looking for something more filling? How about some baked potatoes? I know it’s not what you want to hear right now especially after hearing names like pizza sticks & chicken fingers. But this is a list of the ‘best’ poker snacks remember? Potatoes are high in nutrients like choline that helps to boost our brain’s health & performance and also improves our serotonin levels. Moreover, it’s really easy to cook. Just jab a potato with a fork a few times to make some holes and boil it for a few minutes. Add some salt, black pepper, oregano and chili flakes and voilà! You now have a great healthy snack to bite into while playing poker online.

Poached Eggs

Okay folks! Now it’s time for a non-veg variety of the best online poker snacks. I love poached eggs like crazy and it’s surely a great snack to have while you are grinding on the digital green felt table. It’s really easy to cook and you can pair it with some toasted brown bread to have a great quick bite while you fight with your opponents. Eggs are high in choline and make you feel full for long time. So you can grind harder and longer to bring that prize money home.


Dark Chocolate

This is something that most of us love and is a great snack for you next online poker free rolls session. Dark chocolate contains nutrients which have positive effects on our body. It helps to counter stress and improve our focus and energy. Plus, there is no need for cooking! Just take it out of the wrapper and put it in your mouth. Instant heaven!



Yoghurt is packed with serotonin and can help you to balance your mood & control your emotions which are especially important while playing Indian poker. You can eat this tasty snack just like it is or add in some fruits to pump it up with antioxidants.



And at last but not the least…water! A mug of beer may help feel relaxed and a cup of coffee might fill you up with some much needed energy but a few glasses of good old clean drinking water is surely the best option when you play poker tournament online. Dehydration will make you feel sluggish and drowsy which will spell your doom when you are in the midst of an intense & lengthy poker session. Remember to stay away from alcohol & coffee while playing as these will surely affect your decision making abilities.


Did you like our list? What other snacks do you think will be good for you and your game? Don’t be shy and let us know!