Things not to try while playing Poker FreeRoll Tourney

By superadmin
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  • 09 November,2018

Wondering why you never end up winning at those online poker free rolls? Most newbie poker fishes consider these free roll poker games as bankroll boosters, just like “New Player” events. While it may seem like an opportunity to make easy money, but often times it may end up as a source of frustration and bad beat stories. Why? Well, simply because you are doing it wrong!

Read on this blog and try and identify your poker play in one of these 3 categories that make you lose in the game! In this post we will discuss the three main poker strategies seen played online at poker free rolls, a hundred times, but you should not copy them!

  1. Those that go All-in all the time

Has it happened way too often that you got busted by that pesky player who just goes on moving all-in on each and every hand? If you nodded vehemently and believe that keeps happening because the guy you are playing against is Russian, you couldn’t have been farther from the truth!

Just question your own analytical thinking ability, if you truly believe that a poker site is trying to make you lose on purpose to favour the weaker player and still trying to retain you as a loyal regular on the site, then there must be something wrong with your judgment, don’t you think?

More about the fact:

You might think that the player is doing so as they are drunk or not taking things seriously. But know this, that player will never be able to win the tournament even if he is lucky enough to bust you! That is the reason why you should not adopt this strategy. Why will it not work? The very math behind poker hands is against this strategy and it will come back to catch the person playing with it and some point. If you find it works often then know that the end of that streak is getting closer. It cannot work to last all the way.

Know that you are not too deep at the losing end as you may have thought. Simply keep a note of the random hands where you called all-in, with a better hand and you will see that things are working as it should as per poker equities.
Getting frustrated and going all-in all the time is not a sustainable plan. Soon some big pair will pick you up. If you are not convinced, try it a couple of times and you’ll know; after all it is not going to cost you anything!

  1. Those that keep bluffing

It is a well-known fact that in free rolls people should not bluff too often. It is simply not worth the effort to even think about it. Why so? The 9 players could be divided in to categories below:

  • 3 out of 9 won’t know how to play
    • The other 3 players are ones who play all the free rolls they can find to get any amount of wins
    • The other 2 are not paying attention because they simply don’t care enough

Somebody unaware of the fact that he should call, but generally they do this for each and every one of the bluffs that you play. But he will still have the better hand. Do not expect to find colloquial poker common sense at free roll tables, because you will seldom find it!

  1. Those who play ABC poker

In online poker free rolls most players are disengaged in the game and would not focus too much on what is going in the table. This is not the best place to apple hard learnt poker knowledge from all the poker articles you have read. The free roll poker world plays by different rules!

Do not make the fallacy of believing that a 3x raise with good hand will win you pot. This is because others won’t have anything good! Because that is not going to happen!
The concept of raise and take does not work in free rolls; checking it down with someone else to bust a small stack also doesn’t work. Usually people face an all-in on the river, so brace yourself for it!