Common tells to Note before becoming Poker Pro

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  • 08 November,2018

If you are interested in the game of Poker, you must be looking for the best tips to be a winner always. While you play poker tournament online or live, there are a few things that get associated with the actions and decision of each player dealing with their individual hands.

Winning a poker tournament requires perfect knowledge of numerous features related to poker, like – stacks, hands dealt, odds and skills to outcast the odds, so that you can win a tourney or a cash game. When you are playing poker, you must not forget about poker tells. The term Poker “Tells” refer to the physical or verbal actions exhibited by a player at the poker table. Tells speaks a lot about the strength of hands and acute attention to these is vital.

Provided below is a list of these tells; it is advisable that each player must take special care of the tells that they exhibit before they keep an eye on the tells that others showcase.   Let’s take a look at the common tells and ways to deal with them:

  1. Eye contacts:

You either make strong eye contact or look away from the opponent players while at the table. When dealt with stronger hands the players tend to make stronger eye contacts unlike the ones bluffing or having a comparatively weaker hand. They will tend to look away since they feel uncomfortable to look squarely into anyone’s eye.

The flip side of the same is that you cannot just rely on the tells unless you have a knowledge of the larger behavioural pattern of your opponent. Try following the pattern of a player’s actions and mark when any action deviates from the general exhibitions.

2. Time taken to act:

When it comes to poker, almost every action of a player – verbal or non-verbal has something to inform their opponents. Even the time taken to decide on the moves can be one of the common poker tells that opponent wait for in order to fathom the strength of hands. A stronger player who is perfect and otherwise a pro in hiding tells might give away a lot of information just by taking too much time to act wisely or act too fast.

A player taking much time before checking might be actually thinking through the decision that he is about to make. This is possible when the players have “something” This can be a medium strength hand or say a draw or may be a stronger hand that they are trying to bluff.

When a player is calling bets too quickly, it indicates relative weakness. The players making a quick call just after the flop might have a chance of drawing hands or middle or bottom pair type hands which might bloat the pots.

Apart from these, there are few other common tells that can give you a lot of information. A beginner or amateur player will have “shaky hands” while they are dealing with the chips and cards. Talking at the poker table can also be a common tell that you can might look up to. As told by Zachary Elwood in Verbal Poker Tells, people who are relaxed with their hands tend to talk at the poker table. This becomes yet more notable when the person isn’t generally talkative.

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