Online gaming ban ordinance likely to be approved by Telangana Govt.

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  • 04 November,2018

A massive blow to the online card game industry is coming up as the reports suggest Telangana state government is probably going to convert the two gaming ordinance act introduced this June, into an Act that will completely ban online gaming in the realm of betting or wagering and even in games of skill like poker! It is expected that the state cabinet is likely to introduce this Bill into full effect in the legislative assembly session this very week.

As the story goes, after the separation and formation of the state of the Telangana, the chief minister of state ordered the police forces to crack down on all the clubs that encouraged card games that come under the radar of gambling. However, that could not salvage the situation as the local police and government officials started to receive complaints that people were indulging in online card gaming often played with real cash, and this has been resulting in hefty financial losses. Therefore, to enact a complete ban the ordinance on online gaming was passed this June.

As per a popular national newspaper, the cabinet of Telangana government is expected to hold a meeting today, i.e. 23rd October, 2017 to approve the Bills, which also includes the one prohibiting online rummy.
This meeting is in reference to the Telangana cabinet which had passed the ordinance banning gaming within the cyber world in June but also clarified that rummy is a game of chance. Then later the government made another amendment ordinance in July, thereby banning all kinds of betting and wagering is it online or offline.

The governor of any state as per Article 213 of the Indian Constitution has the authority to issue and pass any ordinance depending on the advice of the state government, under exceptional situations, even when the state legislature is not under session. However, the ordinance needs to be later converted into an Act, to be passed by the state legislature within 6 weeks of the next session of the assembly failing which the ordinance will lapse.
Earlier the Telangana High Court had earlier passed rummy companies like Ace2Three to continue operating and accept players outside the state, while they are themselves based out of Hyderabad in Telangana. This matter is still pending its final decision and will come up as per its slated time of hearing on October 30th. If the ordinance is hereafter passed into an Act, the present petition will be rendered useless, before HC can make a decision on it.

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