GPL India Edition: Nipun Java, Muskan Sethi and Vidwath Shetty in the spotlight

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  • 28 October,2018

The rush of the largest poker league ever to have been held in India has begun! Global Poker League (GPL) announced their interest over organizing the coveted event in the nation just a week ago in an unassuming press release. So, far we knew about Alex Dreyfus who will be heading the event as the GPL CEO. The event according to reports will be a 8 to 12 week long poker run that is dated to begin in the first Quarter of the next year, however, Dreyfus recently updated this statement and revealed it will only be a 4 to 5 week affair.

In recent developments, a series of social media posts over the past few days, the organizers have been revealing more information about the event. The first three famous poker players of the nation are to be associated with GPL India. The very first one was made on September 7th; Muskan Sethi will be managing the team of Delhi Diehards in GPL India’s first season and is planned to go onwards.

Then on September 11th, came another major reveal, the first two-time bracelet winner from WSOP Nipun Java is the International Ambassador for the event.

The third and latest reveal was about Vidwath Shetty as the Team Manager for the Bangalore Hackers. Speaking to an online poker news portal, Dreyfus after his social media reveals expressed immense excitement about the event, and in being a part of the populous GPL brand name. Vidwath Shetty confidently suggested that the Bengaluru Hackers will win the Indian event and go on to represent the nation in the global event as well.

About the event Dreyfus further went on to say, that their aim with the event is to ‘sportify poker’ and thus, this will need the best personalities behind the game in India to be highlighted, which the organizers are doing zealously.

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