Vikram Kumar Team Pro of PokerBaazi to Manage PokerBaazi Live Room at Bangalore

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  • 21 October,2018

A well-known grinder Vikram Kumar also known among the poker community as PokerBaazi team pro just announced another exciting update about his poker-life. This Chennai-based pro poker player will now be spending majority of his time at Bangalore managing the PokerBaazi Live Room. He has recently been given the coveted role of Strategic Consultant; this will have him leading all management decisions regarding the events and promotions to be held in the poker room.

The PokerBaazi Live Room is one of the most premium poker rooms operating in Bangalore and the officials from PokerBaazi are expectant that after several times re-naming the room with several shuffle of managerial hands, it is now in capable hands and will reach for greater successes under Kumar’s watchful eyes.

This year has been an especially rewarding one for the Baazi Team Pro star, Vikram who flew to far away poker destinations garnering several respectable wins to his name. Furthermore, his an camera-friendly personality has also made him famous with several witty Lungi TV updates, where he streams funny yet uber cool videos.

Brief history of the PokerBaazi Live Room:

Presently the Baazi poker room is a popular old poker destination that opened its doors to all Bangalore-based grinders on July, 2014. It was initially named as the High 5 Poker Room and was owned by two other notable Indian poker faces Uma Mahesh and Raghavendra ‘Raghav’ Rajanna.

The club later went on to change hands just like prized poker stacks and was taken over Andy Morgan who named his poker club as Andyz Fish and Chips (definitely a smart wordplay). Rajanna was working with Andy operating the club together.

Finally, last year in March the room took part in another change of hands wherein, Morgan and Rajanna decided to stop working together. The control of the club was finally retained by Rajanna who decided to rename it Phoenix poker room. Finally, PokerBaazi obtained this poker club in partnership with Rajanna last year on October, 2016 and thus, lead the rebranding of the club as PokerBaazi Live Room.

In an interview with a popular online poker news site, Vikram revealed his plans with the PokerBaazi Live room, “I will be joining PokerBaazi Live as a strategic consultant with the main aim to streamline operations. This role excites me and brings me closer to try and spread awareness of the game and consolidate even stronger the Baazi brand as the most trusted brand for poker in India.

Rajanna was also very supportive and welcoming of Vikram taking over this new exciting role. Raghav shared his enthusiasm about this new development in the same interview saying, “Vikram Kumar alias lungi is a great asset for team Baazi and he has proved it again and again both on and off the felt.

PokerBaazi management is also equally psyched about their new decision and spoke very highly of Vikram Kumar aka ‘Lungi’, confirming how cherished a part of the team he is for PokerBaazi. “I have known him for long and he is a professional in whatever he does” said Puneet Singh, co-founder of PokerBaazi.

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