7 Awesome Tips on How to Play Online Poker While Earning Your College Degree

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  • 19 October,2018

Considering playing online poker for extra bucks while you attend college is a great idea. But if you think that this is going to be a super cool joyride, then you are in for a shock! Earning a college degree will require you to dedicate serious time and effort. The same rule applies to poker.

Unless you plan to drop-out (which is not a good idea), studying in college and playing online poker in India can be very challenging. You will not only need to focus your undivided attention on both tasks but also manage time for yourself and have a social life to avoid getting burnt out.

Here are some awesome tips that will make this rollercoaster ride somewhat smoother and help you gain expertise in both your studies and the game-

Discipline Is Your Strongest Weapon

If you are planning to play poker games and study simultaneously, then the first thing you are going to need is discipline. Under any circumstance you cannot let poker rule your life despite how much money you are making. Your studies always come first and poker comes second. That’s the basic rule.

Manage Time Smartly

The most important aspect of playing poker and earning a college degree successfully is effective time management. Note down all your class schedules and dedicate specific times for your studies and assignment work. Once that is out of the way, now you can get a clear idea on how much time you can invest in poker.

Studies Are Top Priority

No one likes to study. But the fact remains that you are investing a lot of time and money in earning your degree. This is the reason why your college should get more priority over poker. You will need to complete assignments, do research papers and prepare for semesters. So when there is work that needs to be completed, get it done! Consider poker as your reward once you are done with your college work.

Avoid Poker Addiction

There is no doubt that poker is an addictive game. It is fun, exciting and you can win a bucket load of money even when playing online poker freerolls. So if you are playing poker during your lectures and thinking about a new poker strategy while you are out with friends, then its time take a break. Let your mind relax and focus on other important things in your life for a while.

Let’s Get Physical

You are spending too much sitting on your bum, whether in class or at your laptop playing poker. It’s time to have some fitness goals and do some physical exercises. Hit the gym, try some MMA or Crossfit workouts or just play good old cricket or football with your classmates. This will get your blood flowing and your mind working better. And that will positively affect your studies and your poker game.

Make New Friends

In all probabilities most of your college friends won’t be that much into poker. So instead of talking about your game to people, who don’t care about it, make new poker friends. Meet people who play poker tournaments in India through online forums and social media and share your poker thoughts. You can also learn some new strategies from them.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy Life

You are in college. And don’t you forget that! Go out with friends, talk to the girl (or guy) you like, go on a date, party hard, get drunk and do it all over again! Enjoying life will help you focus better on your studies and poker. Get a break from your assignments, bad beats, sleepless nights and heartaches.

Poker: Making Life Sweeter

Poker is an awesome game with some serious rewards. So it is even more important that you play responsibly and play this as a game of skill instead of an addiction. Remember that your primary identity is still a student. So excel in that first. It’s true that poker can be a great career option even in India, but that it is surely not for everyone.

Your college degree can get you a stable job and help you build a secured future. Poker will be there for you even after you earn your degree. So get studying, enjoy your college life and relish poker as a sweet treat that makes your life a little bit sweeter.