Why You Must Never Wear Sunglasses At The Table

By superadmin
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  • 18 October,2018

Do you wear sunglasses at the table? Then it’s time you take those off immediately. Why? Well, firstly you look like a fool wearing your shades in an already dimly lit room. The objective for wearing shades for most poker players is to hide their eyes and prevent any tells. But in reality you actually sabotage your game with those stupid glares.

Here are the 5 best reasons why you should NEVER wear sunglasses at free poker tournaments –

Very amateurish

If you wear sunglasses at the table then you will surely be considered as an amateur by true pros. It only shows that you have not developed the right skills needed for the game and you lack the self-control to boast a poker face.

They don’t protect you

If you think your glares give you protection then you are dead wrong. It’s true that your shades do prevent certain information from getting leaked, but it certainly does not make you impenetrable. With your false sense of protection you tend to give off a lot of information away from elsewhere.

You can’t use your eyes as a weapon

You can’t stare down your opponents and intimidate them while wearing sunglasses and that’s the worst part if you ask me. Use your eyes as a lethal weapon when you play poker tournaments in India as it can help you appear strong and effectively deliver falls tells. Sunglasses make your eyes useless in the game.

People may see your cards

Unless you are an ace player, certain angles can reflect your hand to your opponents when you raise them up. Although it happens very rarely but there is still a possibility.

Eyes on the prize

I assume you already know the old phrase about the eyes being the windows to the soul. But I believe that your eyes can also be your greatest weapon that can define your victory or defeat. Unless you are determined to look like an idiot, make sure your sunglasses stay in your pockets and keep your eyes on your opponents (and the money)!

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