Nitin Gupta won the DPT July’17 Main Event for 28.06 Lac

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  • 14 October,2018

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition powered by Adda52 is underway and Nitin Gupta a well-known poker name in India just bagged the main event winning amount of a massive INR 28.06 Lakhs.

While he is still a new face around the Indian poker field, Nitin managed to outlast more than 300 runners and claimed the prestigious winning title. He was the chip leader in the second day of the event which was also the final day, above 52 other contenders tailing him close for the title. Soon enough his calculated poker actions paid off as he beat the last 4 remaining players at the final table and claimed the winning title and amount to his name.

Top 30 players were paid out by the event organizers, just like the last time, wherein the winner of the event won a whopping 28.06 Lac and the minimum cash-out was of 60k.

Final four!

After the elimination of Eka Vedantham in the fifth position for an amount of INR 7, 27,700 by the soon to be event champion – Nikhil Gupta, there were only 4 left to fight at the final table. The hand was an exciting one where a confident Gupta opened the betting with 15,000 and Vedantham made a call. The flop opened with 3x-9x-Jx and Gupta made a bet of 50,000, Vedantham check-called and the turn showed Jx which was further checked out.

Finally the river card had 6x completed on the board and Vedantham went all-in with a pair of 9s. but Gupta won it all, after making an easy call with J-6 showing a winning full house. So, that was the end of the race for Vedantham at 5th place.

Soon enough other Indian poker players who followed suite after Vedantham, were Rajesh Rajpopat, Rajesh Goyal, and Kiran Kumar. The final titling event had a heads-up showdown between Kiran Kumar and Nitin Gupta. Gupta ended up winning it all with the amazing last hand play, as Kumar limped in, Gupta raised the pot. Kumar made an all-in call holding 10x-9x, to which Gupta called holding K-Q. The board showed Q-4-4-8-2 allowing Nitin Gupta with two pairs and crowning him the main event champ.

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