WSOP 2017 Update: Aditya Agarwal finishes 24th in Event #45

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  • 09 October,2018

The final days of WSOP (World Series of Poker) is here and as we march towards a thrilling conclusion deep rooster of big buy-in games is approaching the players who have the nerve for it.

While this has already been the year of bracelets for team India, but the most famous face of poker Aditya Agarwal almost came towards winning the second bracelet for the country as he displayed amazing performance at the Event #45. He went deep into the event with USD 5,000 No Limit hold ‘em with each level being of 30 minutes. However, he later concluded the race at the humble spot of 24th pocketing a handsome amount of USD 14,277 (approx. INR 10 lakhs).

The newest entrants to WSOP in Vegas this time are Vidwath Shetty, Jasven Saigal, and Vinod Megalmani. They made Day 2 of the Event no. 19 aptly named The Giant which had 10 big blind stacks.

Another notable name in Indian poker and a top female poker player Muskan Sethi also ran deep in the side events at the WSOP, where she finished 68th in the Venetian event.

Aditya ‘intervention’ Agarwal has also been thick in action at the WSOP this year and more of that was witnessed at the Event #45, where he came out 24th with USD 14,277 in wins.

He started the day well with a good stack of 416,000, which he managed to raise to 550,000 pretty soon. However, the roller coaster game did bring him down to 300,000 not long after. The last hand of the event for him was a three-way all-in that ended with the Aditya also moving all-in for an amount of 200,000 while he held Ace of diamonds, and 10 of clubs, with he concluded the tournament run at 24th place as opponents Griffith re-shoved with Ace of spades and King of hearts, along with Blieden waking up with Queens of diamonds and clubs.

This year’s WSOPs have been an exhilarating journey for the fans of poker, and it seems much more action awaits team India. Here’s hoping mission #bracelethunting would be a raging success with more bracelet wins this year!

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