HIFITour Main Event Results: Aditya Kumar was the winner

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  • 08 October,2018

At our previous blog, we discussed the winner of the HIFITour warm-up event – Abhishek Jalan. The next day in the series was the main event of the tourney for INR 25k, which was won by Aditya Kumar.
Aditya Kumar entered into the coveted tournament by winning a ticket online at PokerMet, the new online poker gaming platform launched just this last month.

As reported by external sources the winners of these satellite poker games online were given a ticket which included the sum of INR 30,000 (5k + 25k for both events) for taking part at the HIFITour series this year. Players who got this golden ticket as per their official blog page are – Akash Agarwal, Mayank Daga, the winner of the main event Aditya Kumar, Rahul Khanna, Nandan Bhandari and Shrey Khanna.

This was the second edition of the coveted HIFITour poker series in Kolkata, which concluded after crowning its main event winner Aditya Kumar last Sunday (25th, June 2017).

Out of total 35 players Aditya, which is also his poker name was the last man standing at the final table and grabbed the well-deserved winning amount of INR 3 Lakhs after defeating local poker pro, Rohit Madhur.
The top four players received the payout as directed by the organizers of the event and the nine final players were in contention the next day to boil to a solo winner. As reported, the blinds were also rolled back for a few levels to allow for a little more action at the final table.

Notable poker names seen at the main event day were Aditya ‘bitti’ Agarwal the operator of the poker room IPA Kolkata, the tour organizer Debarshi Chatterjee, along with tournament director Bharat Agarwalla, PokerMet Team Pro Anil Adiani, INR 5k warm-up event winner Abhishek Jalan, Rohit Madhur, Shashank Agarwal, Rahul Kapoor, Arjjun Singh, Abhinav Iyer, Varun Agarwal, Mudit Dayma, Nandan Bhandari, Naman Khettry, Apoorv Manek and Aditya Kumar among several others.

The upcoming edition of the Tour series will resume at the Independence Day weekend this year i.e. 10th August to 15th, and the one following that will be held in October from 24th – 30th.

Aditya Kumar – ₹3,00,000

Rohit Madhur – ₹2,10,000

Naman Khettry – ₹1,40,000

Abhishek Jalan – ₹50,000