The next big wave in Indian online market is the Poker Boom!

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  • 05 October,2018

While the Telangana Government recently passed an ordinance to ban online gambling, poker has been slowly emerging from under its misunderstood shadows. It is widely being recognized as a game of skill rather than of chance alone. This has led to the spread of a wave of online poker in India.

Gradually Indian youths are becoming an active part of this ongoing poker bandwagon, which as per a report is worth over USD 120 million. Most of the online poker platforms are backed by reputable software, that is built completely secure for transactions online. These games are further made alluring to the youth as they involve engaging structures in the form of deep tournaments that boils down to a single winner after a long battle.

With new platforms of online poker emerging every other day, it is evident that there is a growing demand for poker gaming within the Indian markets.

Here’s why we think that India is the next big market for poker games online:

Pocket aces for the Indian poker market:

Statistics show promising prospects for the Indian poker scenario, as per the Media Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN), all of Asia with a special focus on India is the largest and fastest growing online gaming market in the world (especially in games like poker, rummy, etc.).

Moreover, the issue of a game of skill vs. a game of luck is also going through a snowballing effect. The more it rolls the bigger it gets, with both operators and players standing strong on side of support for the game. With laws gradually loosening up, the card is expected to grab a significant market share in the Indian online gaming community.

Online poker sites – revenue generation:

The poker industry has been fighting a long battle against the prevalent notion of the game amongst people. The industry is continuously trying to create awareness about the high level of skill required to win the game.
As per estimations up to a million players actively play poker for money in India online on a regular basis. There is also a good amount of healthy competition between several poker platforms with more coming up in the near future.

Furthermore, various state governments are slowly waking up to the fact that online poker is a great revenue-generating model with definitive economic boost for the country. As witnessed with the recent decision taken by the Karnataka government, where the state is considering giving floating casinos a nod of support. With various government entities backing up the industry and the game, a positive impact is underway which will offer optimistic developments.