Poker Indian Group – Revamped and Re-Launched For Poker Enthusiasts

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  • 05 October,2018

With an insight into the poker industry that is booming and attracting all age-groups, we at Poker Indian Group revamped our website as per the current industry trends. Experience the game of poker like never before! Starting from hands to explanation of poker tourney to keeping you updated with all the latest news is what PIG aims! Since its inception last year there have been a series of events that we highlighted and gradually perceiving the boom of Poker – a mind sport we are inclined towards reaching out to the mass! If you are a poker enthusiast and the news gave you an adrenaline rush already – hold your breath!  Take a look at the features that makes our website unique and a never thought before venture:

Reviews of all the Existing Online Poker Site:

Poker Indian Group

Poker Site Reviews

Confused whether to play a tourney at Adda 52 or The Spartan Poker? Thinking about registering with Khelo365 or Poker Dangal? Well, keep your patience and sit back, relax. Surf Poker Indian Group or click the Link to get your desired information. After an extensive online and market research we ended up providing star rating to each of the existing Poker websites. The stars represent the calculation of how good the site is depending on its policies of deposit & withdrawal, registration procedures, types of tourneys and the customer reviews. Click on each of the poker website to get the complete information before you plunge into the act of playing or investing at a poker site.

Learn Poker:

Poker Indian Group

Learn Poker


As stated earlier, poker is a mind sport that needs lot of attention, calculations and presence of mind; we have made learning the sport easier.  Visit Poker Indian Group – Poker Rules to get detailed information on the two broadly classified poker games – Texas Hold’em and Omaha. You can study the charts, hands, game sequence and pictorial representation of the same. Feed yourself with everything that lurks at the back of your mind when the term – Poker Gaming comes into vision! Learn the order of betting, basics of the games and Poker Hand at the link – Leave us a comment to get back the reply within the shortest span of time possible. Feel  free to send us queries at the mail address or call us to speak to the experts who can help you with the game.

Trending Blogs and Latest News:


Stay tuned to our website to learn about the upcoming online and live tournaments! Apart from this, we provide you all the latest news that revolves around Indian Poker gaming Industry. Interested in reading about the latest poker news in India? Click here to know more.

Poker Tips and Strategies:

Poker Indian Group

Poker Tools

After a thorough study on the poker gaming strategy and taking the viable advice of poker pros we created this space exclusively for the Poker enthusiasts who are either into the gaming industry for long or amateur players inclined towards taking a big leap ahead.

Poker Indian Group is a fully loaded site with tweets, list of best players who crafted a mark in the exponentially increasing Indian poker phenomenon! Poker Tools offers you the scope to enhance your poker learning and gaming experience via integrating with your poker dashboard.

If you own a poker gaming site, we have good news for you as well! Advertise at our site or get in touch with us to get featured in the website.


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