Saga of Indian poker heroes continues with Zarvan Tumboli’s APT Macau Win

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  • 04 October,2018

Another poker prodigy Zarvan Tumboli, who started his poker days at the age of 16 and has been a consistent winner at poker events these past years, garnered his first international win at the APT Macau, 2017.
The 25-year old had an interesting start at the event – Opening 300K Guaranteed at the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Macau, 2017 wherein he won HK$ 74,300 (INR 6.14 Lakhs).

This is the first APT Macau series with APT teaming up with the Macau Billionaire Poker group. The series is being currently held at the Babylon Casino and a total of 18 events on tap are scheduled for the whirlwind 9-day series stretching from June, 14 to 22nd.

Only the Opening Event at the series had the guaranteed prize pool with a buy-in amount of HK$ 2,200. However, the event had a slow start with only 49 players registering at the first entry flight. The second flight entry registered another 90 players and made the field totaling of 139 running for the advertised prize pool, comparatively a small overlay.

The final day of the event had only 36 out of the 139 running to play down to a single winner. At the start of the day, the chip leader was Japan’s, Ryota Hisayama who played the game great and managed to hold his lead for the most part of the game. The heads-up battle finally boiled down to Tumboli and Hisayama with Hisayama settling for the runners-up place.

While the day started strong in favor of Ryota, with him winning several pots to bag the leading position, but soon Tumboli claimed a 2:1 chip advantage. Reportedly Zarvan had asked for a deal discussion with Ryota, a prospect that was declined and the heads-up battle went underway.

Zarvan spoke to an online poker reporting platform about some interesting facts about his APT winning day! Missing his first flight from Dubai, he had to board a second one at 3 in the night to reach the tournament that had already started.

After running into register late, he just made the deadline in the nick of time. Despite being sleepless for two nights straight Zarvan decided to play as planned. He soon tripled up in the last level, after a long gameplay without risking his tournament life.

Speaking about his win, Zarvan said, “Obviously it feels amazing, I feel elated, still trying to digest the fact that yes this has happened. It’s so amazing when all your Indian friends and poker players are rooting for you on social media and constantly railing you”.