Poker; making a place in the life of entrepreneurs

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  • 27 September,2018

What keeps the men who are chased by excel sheets engrossed? The word is Poker, the game of cards that has gripped entrepreneurs across the world. The present MD of PayU India, Jitendra Gupta who has been an exemplary entrepreneur with his startup Citrus Pay, takes an active interest in this sport and is a this sport and is a popular name in the Las Vegas gaming circuit. He is also the owner of Haryana Hunters, one of the teams in Poker Sports League, being mentored by the Poker Pro Samay Parikh.
The upcoming Poker Sports League boasts of a wide list of entrepreneurs who are not only good with the business deals but also take great interest in dealing with a full deck at the Poker table. This mind sport is also supported by another start-up leader Kunal Shah, of FreeCharge who is an avid Texas Hold’Em player.
Rituvik Doshi, the venture capitalist decrypted the mystery that keeps the entrepreneurs glued on to Poker to a leading English daily, a month back. According to him, the entrepreneurs love taking risks and calculated bets are an integral part of Poker. The bets are placed on the basis of observation, just by guessing the moves of the rival that involves a huge amount of risk.
So iI is a game of chance or of skill? This question has been doing the rounds since the inception of this game. While there are people to argue on both sides to this, an overwhelming number of poker players believe that the luck quotient will slim down in the long run as you play. The Indian entrepreneurs, some who are also enthusiastic Poker players believe that awareness can wipe out the misconceptions around this game. One of the major takeaways from this game is that, in any situation, one can learn to turn the odds in one’s favour.
Many feel this game is the biggest teacher. Amit Somani, the managing partner of Prime Ventures believe the same. According to him, this is a game that teaches you to deal with any situation, read the minds of the opponents and the conviction to play with whatever is available to you. This game has gradually captured the minds of Indian entrepreneurs because of its high thrill quotient.