Kunal Bhatia Bags INR 10 Lacs At Mega Suits This Sunday

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  • 24 September,2018

Poker players in India now have several reasons to celebrate as Adda52 is now offering a range of unique high value poker tournaments in India. One of the latest and apparently most popular events was the recently hosted Mega Suits tournament. The tourney saw active participation from more than 576 players who were all geared for a poker war that lasted for hours. It was a sight to behold.

However, it was Kunal ‘Alex52’ Bhatia who made headlines of poker news India by emerging as the champion and claiming the winning title. The investment banker from New Delhi skillfully defeated his heads-up contender Aditya ‘viper82’ Mohanty and won a colossal cash prize of INR 10 Lacs as well as a free INR 35K DPT Main Event ticket. Now that’s what happens when skill meets luck.

A Brutal Battle

With blinds running 30,000/60,000 at the final hand with ante of 6000, the renowned online poker player Kunal Bhatia from small blind smartly raised 150000. Aditya Mohanty who was on the big blind made a call to view the flop 4d-7h-As. Both the expert players checked the flop. The game went on and at the showdown, Kunal owned 9c-9s with a victorious one pair while Aditya tabled 8h-Jd. With ‘Alex52’ winning the title, Mohanty who finished as the runner-up also won an impressive INR 4,50,000 at the event. The tourney paid out to the top 36 winners with the 36th place player winning a minimum cash prize of INR 13500. So nobody went empty handed from the tourney.

An Eventful Sunday Night

The Mega Suits event attracted both pro and amateur players from all over India. Moreover, several recreational players also took part in this thrilling tourney. During the final table, we saw a host of reputed grinders like Vicky0809, Chidu, AzorAhai, narcoss and bhola fighting hard to grab the winning title. However, this Sunday night the blessings of the ancient poker spirits shone brightly on Kunal who bagged the whopping prize money of INR 10 Lac and an INR 35K DPT Ticket for free by beating the other 576 participants. ITM players received up to 50% TDS back.

Here is a list of the Final Table Payouts (INR):

Sl. No. Winners Prize Money
1 Alex52 1000000
2 viper82 450000
3 Kidrock85 300000
4 Narcoss 255000
5 AzorAhai 195000
6 Chamisback 135000
7 Vicky0809 97500
8 bhola 75000
9 Chidu 52500

With more amazing Indian poker events on the way, it’s time for you to gear up and head to battle to win some poker gold. Till then, we will be right here bringing you the latest poker news daily from all over the country.

Happy grinding!