New Player? Read what you need to know

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  • 21 September,2018

“All experts were once a beginner”, a saying that holds true and assures that being new to any game is not something the amateur players should be ashamed of. It is also true that only the interest towards learning something new motivates one to excel in that particular arena. Poker is one such game that needs proper understanding, patience, concentration and of course skill. While you are interested in playing poker league in India, make sure you know all the following points and know them well. Sometimes players get confused and don’t know where to start from. Here are a few points that will help you in managing a hassle-free entry to the world of online poker games:


The game of poker attracts the crowd of all ages and there are a variety of players’ who show interest in it. The variety of players can be categorized as – the players who play for recreational purpose, the ones who are interested in experiencing temporary adrenaline rush whereas there are players who want to make this game a serious alternative to earn money. First identify what kind of a player you are and depending on the same you can freely sketch a poker graph.


If you are new to the world poker and also the world of cards, it is important to begin from the roots. Know the deck of cards and value of each, used to play the game. Irrelevant to the factor – you are playing for amusement or you aspire to be a professional, knowing the cards and value of each is important. The ranking of cards depends on the set that is gradually created and knowing this is important. If you are convinced that all cards have the same value, it is almost impossible to take next step of learning the Poker Rules.


Once you have learned the card value, jump to the next step of knowing all the poker rules and learning by them all. Learn a few things – the number of cards used in the game, the possible combinations, the actions and more. Though these are only basic. You make the profits only when you can utilize the knowledge of card value, rules and combinations well. Getting introduced to the hand ranking is something you need to know when you play.


Poker strategies cannot be written down in a few sentences or paragraphs for better understand. These could be experienced only when a player plays live or online games. Learn using bluff and poker face when needed and learn the tells that a player exhibits. Learn each strategy from the odds that you face and you will find poker even spectacular.

These aforesaid 4 steps can bring you inevitable success. Practice can make you a pro so that you win the next poker league in India. The more you practice the more you achieve success, so keep playing poker league in India.