Top 5 Poker History Books that Every Poker Players Need to read

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  • 19 September,2018

Have you ever read about the history of poker gaming? The history of the game is quite difficult to excavate. Before the internet came into existence, the stories of poker revolved around the tables. The stories that were narrated at the tables gradually turned out to be fascinating tales and poker books that described the history of the game. Here are a few books that are widely loved and read poker history books. Shuffle through the list provided below.

  1. Gardena Poker Clubs: A High Stakes History

Written by Max Votolato illuminates the poker scenes in California. The story is set in Gardena where the gamblers flocked. This assembly continued even at the time of Great Depression. The story revolves around Ernie Primm who establish six card clubs and fought for the legalization of the games. The clubs he established thrived for generation and earned revenues. The book has a mention of Russ Miller who earned fame from being Edgemont Club Bouncer to become the owner of Normandie Club. The book based on the legality of the game along with rise and fall of various poker clubs in California. This book is published and holds a place among the list of published book in 2017.

  1. The Godfather of Poker:

This is another fascinating book that takes you through the history of American Treasure and is written by poker player – Doyle Brunson. The story contains various aspects – good and bad luck, guts and glory, victory and tragedy all described by Doyle Brunson. The poker player bluffed death, survived gun-fights, stabbings, whippings, murderers and mobsters etc. he also suffered from cancer but the fate never played poker with him and he survived. The book throws light on the game of poker during the era of 1950 – 1960 when the game was illegal in Texas. The book defines an era when computers did not exist. If you are looking forward to read a good book, try reading this!

  1. Knights of the Green Cloth:

This book was written by Robert k. DeArment and provides an overview of the early days of the game and the lives of professional poker then. This history books read much like that of the novel illuminating both the famous and infamous names in poker. There are various characters in American History that is included in the book – cattle drivers, silver and gold mine strikes, square gamblers, cheaters, reformers and more! This becomes an interesting book for all type of readers not just poker players.

  1. Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker

Written by the James McManus and is considered to be one of the poker encyclopedia which takes you to the history that have its roots in China, USA, Europe, The Middle East and later rose to be a global phenomenon. By the time of Civil War, the game was turned into national craze by the Americans from French Parlor game. Cowboys show how the game once called “Cheater’s game” became a profession taken up by thousands.

  1. Biggest Game in Town by Al Alvarez

Regarded as the third popular book that belongs to the poker history genre. Have a quick and entertaining read that focuses on the author’s experiences in the year 1981 World Series Poker. The book offers you a guided tour of high stake games in Las Vegas where local and road amblers rose to fame and also lost almost everything they had on a regular basis. WSOP is one of the biggest poker tournament and therefore can introduce you to the legendary poker characters like – Dole Brunson, Eric Drache, The Binions and Chip Reese.