The partnership of Sugal and Damani with Pokerstars for an Indian website

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  • 19 September,2018

PokerStars finally made it and has entered the Indian Market. This is basically a Canadian Gambling site – The Stars Group which own the PokerStars. They also signed in a partnership deal with the government-licensed lottery operator – Sugal & Damani. Thus, the latest Poker News in India at this moment is the arrival of a new international site thus increasing the zeal among the players.

The poker gaming industry will thus look forward to shifting in the Dynamics in the near future thus enabling the game to exert positive vibes on the players and the newcomers too! This news is huge and worth celebrating since this came just after the shutdown of Khelplay that was operated by Sachar Gaming that came under the Sugal and Damani Group. This closure was witnessed on 15th March 2018.


In brief, it is to be said that is registered under – Sachika Gaming Private Limited which again forms the subsidiary of Sachar Gaming Private Limited. The group is operated and run by – Keval Parek and Hardik Parek. TSG expressed interest in the Indian Poker market repeatedly and thus this partnership will, of course, promote the launch of Indian PokerStars website – CEO, The Stars Group Rafi Ashkenazi was quoted saying – “We want to be there in time and we want to make sure that we are, as usual, the market leader when it comes to poker.”

The Indian Poker Market is growing exponentially and this is the reason that people tend to get more interested in the Indian market. It is to be understood that the Indian Poker Game Market can look forward to more international entities to show interest in the coming years and months.


The website is under construction with a banner saying “coming soon” and there is no confirmed date for the launch of the same. It is expected that the website will start operating in the coming few weeks. This site brings in various Poker Rules and Regulations that will be followed and above all this site is a good news for all Poker Players.

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