Texas Hold’em – Strategies to Play Texas Hold’em Poker Tourneys

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  • 19 September,2018

According to Robert Williamson III – “Poker’s a day to learn and a lifetime to master”.  A poker enthusiast knows how difficult it can turn when playing the game either live or online. Strategical approach and mathematical calculation are the only saviors if you are an amateur or trying to remember the game ethics. If you really want to improve the way you play the game of Texas Hold’em it is important that you learn the rules of the game.

There are various approaches that you can make while playing a live table game or an online tourney thus winning the game. For the beginners the game becoming daunting if they miss out on the tactics of playing the game. However, there are few popular mistakes associated with the game that a player needs to fathom thus ensuring their victory over the other co-players:

  1. Playing over your limit:

The first rule of playing poker is to remember it is not mere gambling and you need to keep a check on the bank-roll constantly. The common mistake that the players make is they become susceptible to the use of money that they cannot actually afford.  The players continue playing with bluffs and raise even when there is a stiff competition at the table.

Instead, a player should be consistent about how much he wants to invest and keep the limit low at all times thus avoiding the risk of bankruptcy. Playing with a huge stake or increasing the stakes needs attention and confidence of the poker players. Experience is the best key to victory at the table along with perfect utilization of poker skill, rules and regulations.

  1. Too emotional once in the game

Nothing can hamper your level of confidence more when you get emotionally involved in the game. too much of emotion will lead towards losing the game thus increasing the level of frustration of the co-players. You simply become vulnerable and an easy prey that the other players would love to thin out of the game.

Instead stay away from emotional involvement and concentrate on the game that’s going on. Keep watching the game and give way to your logical judgement thus deciding on what/how a hand is to be played. Inclusion of emotions can act as a curtain that cuts-off your judgmental values and game etiquettes.

  1. Treating Every Player similarly:

It is important to understand your competitors and individual contribution in the game. keep a close watch on each player and the moves they make. One can raise, bet, fold or bluff irrespective of how good/bad the hands are! Remember you are totally unaware of the other hands and what you can utilize is the hand that you own. Therefore, make sure that you are not treating all the other 8 players at table equally. Choose your bet/raise depending on the step taken by your previous player. Your position at the table also works wonders aiding to your victory.

  1. Playing Too Many Tables:

Online Poker Players often make a mistake of engaging in several games at the same time. Is this sounding weird? You must have engaged in playing several tables while online gaming is your forte. But the more poker tables open at a time the more confused you become though that remains sublime within your subconscious mind. The more flops that you witness the more chances of losing a few game/money increases.


The biggest mistake a lot of players make when first starting out in this game is what they say at the table. Instead of saying “I call your bet and raise you Rupees 500” you should, in fact, be saying “Raise Rupees 500”. Unfortunately, in games of poker whatever you say first will be considered to be the action you wish to take. So when you say “I call your bet and raise you Rupees 500” then they will take the “I call” as being the action that you wish to take. Therefore, be specific and decide before you speak!

A lot of players when using different types of Texas Hold’em techniques will often try to copy other players. The problem with using this type of strategy when learning to play the game could cost you dearly as you are likely to learn their bad habits as well. Therefore, it is extremely important that you learn for yourself how to make decisions rather than from copying someone else. It is advisable to observe all the steps that the other players take and the words they say. Imitating “poker face” and understanding, “poker tells” from live game offers the best lesson thus helping you master the art of winning.