Strong Women Players to Break the Stereotypes of Poker as “Man’s Game”

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  • 19 September,2018

Playing online poker is restricted towards the male players in general. These are often stereotyped in the online poker news or portals that highlights the success of the male players. But with the increasing popularity of the games in India, more and more women players are being the part of this huge gaming.

Rubbing shoulders with skills of a man, women are taking up playing poker professionally. Playing against the famous male poker players, few women tend to be the part of latest poker News India and internationally. Since the boost of the game in 2000, poker emerged as a game of skill and not mere gambling.

Many international women took by professional poker gaming thus inspiring several others. If you have been looking for such information, here you go with some names that needs special mention.

The Women Poker Players:

A company named 9 stacks sponsored a team of nine women players nicknamed “the nine missketeers” at the poker tournament held in Delton. The founder of 9stacks’ – Sudhir Kamat- was interested in gender diversity inspiring several women. This was possible since an increased number of women registered to play poker online. The aforesaid team of women played the tournament in Deltin, Goa on February 15th to 19th.

The captain of the team was Muskan Sethi, she is the first female poker player accomplished with the President’s Medal. Smita Agarwala and Simrit Tiwana, a writer were other well-known faces who accompanied captain Muskan Sethi for the poker tournament.  The poker circuit also had journalist Radhika Mahalingaiah and Chandni Malik, a communications professional and writer as a part of it. The other women associated with the tournament were – social media expert Sakshi Misra and Prashante Sinha; entrepreneur Ritu Chadha, online news founder Rupal Bansal, Indian Institute of Management graduate Lavanya Thota.

The players also decided to donate the part of their money won in the games to several NGO’s that deal with woman education, health, sanitation and also employment.

Games in the Tournament

Poker in India had been predominantly a male game, thus to change the scenario Kamat says:

“Given that poker is a mind sport that requires strategic acumen regardless of [the] gender we think there’s a huge market waiting to be tapped here.”

The event in Deltin offered scope for games like Pot-Limit Omaha, High Roller tournaments and Bounty. The DPT was around $400,000 up for grabs with the main event that offered a pool prize of $180,000.