Sleep – The Secret To Playing Better Poker Online

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  • 19 September,2018

So you have invested innumerable hours online playing poker, read all the best poker books, finished all the data on your phone watching video tutorials and poker pros play on YouTube, but still, you feel like there’s more to do to hone your poker skills.

Actually, there is one thing that you can do right now that will greatly boost your poker game: SLEEP! Believe it or not, getting more sleep can actually help you to become a better player and win big at poker tournaments in India.

Sleep to Succeed

The Dalai Lama believes that sleeping is the greatest form of meditation. For ages, successful entrepreneurs, industrialists and sportsmen have stressed on the fact with a glacial importance that a good 8 hours’ sleep is one of the main reasons for their success. So it’s time now for poker players to take notice, turn the lights out and hit their beds to catch on some much-deserved sleep. Daniel Negreanu, a winner of 2 WPT championship titles and 6 WSOP bracelets, once said that sleeping played a crucial role in his winnings.

You don’t need to see a therapist to realize that you need good sleep for your mind to perform at its peak. Too many poker pros skip on sleep to spend more time playing and improve their skills. But it is actually detrimental to their game.

Why You Need Sleep

Thanks to modern medical advancements. Now we understand what exactly we need to sleep for. A solid 8 hours’ sleep helps us to:

  • Restore & rejuvenate brain cells
  • Erase unnecessary information
  • Boost learning abilities & memory retention
  • Improve appetite & mood
  • Decrease in electrical functions in the brain
  • Reduced muscle activity
  • Oxygen consumption is reduced
  • Reduced heart rate

Talking strictly in medical terms, according to a new University of California San Diego study, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep or deep sleep, improves our creative abilities a lot more than when we are awake. Sleep empowers our brain to process all the new information we have learned during the day and enables us to use the same information in future.

Sleep More, Play Better

Now that you know what sleep does for your brain and body, here are 4 ways sleep can help you play poker games better:

Improve Memory

As I said earlier, sleeping helps us to process new information and remember it in the long run. A lack of sleep will hinder your brain from retaining information which can affect your game and your ability to improve.

Stay Focused

Getting more sleep can help you focus on the table over longer periods. Lack of sleep can result in a lack of focus which in turn will lead to more mistakes in the game. When you get enough sleep, your focus improves which allows you to play better even during longer sessions during free poker tournaments.

Make Better Decisions

When you are well-rested you will be able to make better and smarter decision during your poker game. As you will retain more information and remember how your opponents play, you will surely make the best poker decisions and win higher cash prizes over time.

Control Emotions

A solid 6-8 hours’ sleep will surely make you less cranky and make you more in control of your emotions. In the game of poker, revealing your emotions can cost you severely and taking a good nap will enable you to check yourself even when you are pissed off at the table.

So if you are looking to boost your poker skills then it’s time that you visit a sweet place called the dreamland. Having quality sleep will not only improve your health, boost your mental performance but also make you a much better poker player. Consider getting more sleep as an essential +EV investment that is mandatory for every serious poker player.