Rajat Sharma and Yogesh Bhalerao to back the new poker site 9HighPoker

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  • 19 September,2018

The cottage industry of online poker gaming seems to be expanding at light speed and leaning into the mainstream limelight day-by-day. The latest addition to this expansive industry in the country is the online poker platform 9HighPoker. The site went live sometime earlier this last month, with a quite hushed soft launch. They aim to carve a niche for themselves in the industry by offering a plethora of unique features and promotions.

Headlining poker news in India the site is the brainchild of well-known poker man Rajat Sharma sided by his friend and tech enthusiast Yogesh Bhalerao. The website like most other newly launched poker platforms boasts of interesting games and unique features. The most notable feature being their “responsible gaming” feature, which will enable players to self-exclude themselves, from certain stakes for a considerable period of time, as an endeavor to condone responsible poker gaming. There are several other boast-worthy features promised by this dynamic duo on their newly launched poker site, keeping the changing needs of online poker players in mind.

A few features worth noting about 9HighPoker are:

The hand visualizer:

Analysis being an essential part of learning the poker game and bettering it to make your time and money worth spending is essential for poker players. This new site promises an advanced hand visualizer which will enable players to do just that. Players can visualize their hand histories, study them and strategize for its improvement. They can select their hand histories for a specific time period and range.

Auto set bet slider:

A player can pre-determine their bet sizing on this new feature which is a slider bar for their pre-flop and post-flop betting. This will especially help grinders who multi-table a lot to have smooth experience while playing.

Responsible gaming:

While poker is a game of skill, but monetary transactions form an important element of the game. This is why this feature will enable recreational poker players and newbie grinders to have an automated self-control system that will keep them from over indulging to counter massive unintentional losses.

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