Poker Yaar is here with its Fish Party

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  • 19 September,2018

Poker Yaar is another online poker platform launched in Indian in this flourishing Indian Poker Industry and Poker Indian group gets you Latest Poker News India. This online poker Portal has started off with their Tournament the “Fish Party Poker” where random prize amounts will be declared, decided on the basis on how the events turn. Here the table will be 3-seater, different from the usual 9-seater. Random seats will be allotted to the players and prize amount will be decided once the players are seated.

Games where Fish party poker style is applicable is Texas Hold’em and Sit and Go Tournament. 100% Pay out, Multiple buy-ins allowed, winner get multiple of the buy-in and progressive jackpot while the player at the lowest position gets twice the buy-in.For details on Terms and Conditions, visit their website in case you are interested to register for the same.

There are many other promotional offers from the company. To start with, they have a welcome package for the first time deposits made.

Double Deposit scheme for the first timers:

100% on the first time deposit made on the website. Maximum a player can deposit is INR5000. Also once a player completes the sign up process, he/she will get 4 Free Tournament ticket. Sounds Good right!

Poker Yaar is trying to make the Sundays eventful by offering Sunday Tourneys with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 1 Lakh. This will happen every Sunday 9 Pm. Well, at least people won’t that Sundays are boring now.

The company is also gearing up for their tournament series for this April. With the kind of offers they have on board, waiting for the upcoming series does give a good indication.

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