Poker.Com Is Up For Sale For A Whopping $20 Million

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  • 19 September,2018

Hello folks! Today we have some exciting news for our Indian poker community and especially for aspiring poker entrepreneurs. According to a recent report from iGamingBusiness, the most desirable domain name in the industry,, is currently on sale for a massive price of $20 million. With that high price tag, the availability of is now surely making headlines across all poker news India reports.

Presently, the premium domain name is one of the most expensive assets offered on the internet. NameJet, an online domain auction firm and RightOfTheDot, a domain consultancy company, have been tasked to make sure the domain name is sold properly along with other related domains.

If you have been into poker for some time, you must be aware that was regarded as the most popular and esteemed domains for several years now. However, it is interesting that the website has remained static for a long time and only contains links to the best poker websites. The site also includes a number of basic poker tutorial videos as well. Currently, the website homepage displays the notification “This domain is for sale. Please email us for any enquiries you may have.”

Back in 1999, the domain name was acquired by Inc. for a term of 99 years after signing a deal with UniNet Technology Inc., which obtained the rights from AlaCorp Inc. If the domain is not acquired now on the open market, then will get sold on 30th January 2018 at the NamesCon live auction. Apart from, some other poker related domains are also available for sale like ($5,000), ($30,000) and ($5 million).

So if you planning to start you own online poker gaming website, then this can give you the right leverage you need right now.

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