Macau – the place where the game of skill rules

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  • 19 September,2018

#Macau #PokerStarsChampionship #cityofdreams #March2017… The spirits are soaring high as March 30th is coming closer; the forthcoming week will be an action-packed one.  Table games are extremely popular in Macau and the world is gearing up to witness the happenings around it in the branded poker room of PokerStars LIVE at City of Dreams Casino.

Macau is one of the richest countries in the world. This place is also referred to as “the Gambling Mecca” and “Asia’s gambling capital”. Macau legalised the commercial operation of games of chance in 1849 and this was done to generate a revenue from taxes. Gradually, this place grew completely dependent on the gaming industry. From a soiled, rundown city with a dangerous underbelly, this place has slowly transformed into the gambling centre of the Far East, arguably of the world.

A number of reasons have coerced PokerStars to promote Macau as the leading gambling destination. Their tournaments have grown extremely popular and it mostly happens in their branded room at City of Dreams casino. From humble beginnings, cash and tournament Poker games have grown rapidly here. Macau Poker Cup has come up with its signature event, Red Dragon. Asian Poker Tour has also organised a number of events in Macau in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

If you are planning to stay and play in Macau then its is important to book the tables beforehand as the tables are pricey on weekends and holidays. It is true that anybody can play but you have to be patient as you might need to wait for several hours for your turn to come.

Macau is divided into three areas; Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane as most players stay in Taipa this is the place, which has the maximum number of poker rooms. While the other two places are just fifteen to twenty minutes away from Taipa, you can choose to stay in either of the areas in case you cannot manage accommodation in Taipa.

Macau will endow you with an experience that is strikingly different from the poker rooms in the USA. Poker players can start preparing themselves for ACOP Platinum Series 18, scheduled to take place next month.