IPA Files Appeal Protesting Gujarat High Court’s Poker Ban

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  • 19 September,2018

As the New Year rings in, there seems to be some great news in the making for our Indian poker community. As expected, KN Suresh and the IPA (Indian Poker Association) have filed an appeal to challenge the recent judgment of Justice R H Shukla of the Gujarat High Court, where he regarded poker as “gambling and illegal” and considered it as a game of chance. This is surely some great poker news India to begin our 2018 with. What do you say poker fans?

Hope for Gujarat

The appeal was made against an order passed in December 2017  and was presented in front of a division bench of the High Court led by the Chief Justice R Subhash Reddy. During the appeal, the court issued notices to Gujarat state government as well as other respondents. The issue will be up for hearing on 23rd January 2018. It is also expected that the demand of the appellants for stay on the order given by the single-judge bench will also be heard on the same day. The appellants were backed by local counsel Nachiket Dave and Senior Advocate Subramonium Prasad.

As per a recent report from the Times of India, the appellants were driven to question Justice R H Shukla’s decision as the judge relied to ancient Hindu texts to categorize poker as gambling. The appeal stated, “The judgment focuses on completely unfounded and unrelated principles, such as the Bhagavad Gita, to arrive at an erroneous conclusion that poker would constitute gambling.”

The appeal from IPA further added “On a perceived societal impact of gambling by bringing in comparison to sports betting, and then proceeding to discuss the evils of gambling as mentioned in the Rigveda and Manu, and completely ignoring the aspect of poker being a game involving a substantial degree of skill.”

We surely hope KN Suresh and the IPA repeat their success story in Gujarat just like in West Bengal and Karnataka previously. We wish IPA the very best!

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