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  • 19 September,2018

March 10th witnessed, Kalyan Chakravarthy won the first ever GTD INR 1 Crore at the Big Millions for INR 28.50 Lakhs. This made the player imbibe his name at the Hall of Fame in Adda52. This is one of the trending poker news live reporting along with other Online Poker Websites like – PokerMet’s announcement of “Poker Night” at Advitiya decided to be held at – M.P. Hall in the campus of IIT Ropar.

About the Event:

This was one-of-a-kind event that started as an online tournament on 4th March 2018. The tournament paused after there were 8 hands for the final table. The finalists were taken to Goa by flight and the live final table was held onboard Casino Deltin Royale on March 10, 2018. The attraction of the event was not only the unique live game but was witness of Abhishek Goindi and Manish Adnani were joined by Abhinav Iyer, Aditya Sushant and Pulkit Totla.

The battle:

The game was an exhilarating finale that saw an epic battle between the top names in that of the contention. The great form and chip lead, Chakravarthy turned out to be the winner along with the insurmountable amount of INR 28.50 Lakhs defeating Kolkata’s “Shash26” – Shashwat Agarwal. The winner also is eligible to win dinner date with Adda52 celebrity pro Minissha Lamba.

This event has been a major breakthrough from Chakravarthy, this year after he came into this event fresh after he won runner-ups cup from Doupai Main Event. This event his referred to as career-best – INR 64.90 Lakhs and also won Gold in Goa too after he shipped the biggest guaranteed event from the largest poker site.

The total number of poker players who registered for the game was – 1,175 with 750 fresh entries and 425 re-entries with the top 129 places sharing the prize pool of = INR 1, 17,50,000.

What did the winner have to say?

Game wise I entered final table with overwhelming chip lead like around 40% of chips with me so strategy was simple to keep applying ICM pressure as much as possible without losing the balance or any big leak in stack. But unfortunately, I lost J high flush vs nut flush to Deepak Raina but had already accumulated enough stack by then that was chip leading with decent stack and just kept on doing what I did and also got extracted max value from Raina when I got my nut flush against him” —- Says the player.

And he also added the lines about adda52 –

“It was great experience and expecting Adda52 would repeat these events more frequently as we can already see such a great response.”

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