Growing Popularity of Poker Games in India

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  • 19 September,2018

With the gradual rise in the reputation graph of Poker games, there are various Questions that might arise in the mind of players and even non-players. Be it college goers, young entrepreneurs and a bunch of friends Indian Online Poker sites are known to all. Keeping an eye on the Online poker news daily will help you acquire all valuable information about the Poker game growth to the development of the games including the winner’s strategy.

Poker is all about the skills and strategies that one can showcase even in the most difficult odds. The growth of games calls the female players to be a part of the gaming and add feathers to their hats of success.

The fascinating growth of the games in India:

Since the very inception of the game at Texas, in 1925, it has grown with all leap and bounds since this game could house more players when compared with the then popular game Texas Ranchers. The other factor that led to the growth of the game is that it could be played online at any desired point of time.

India is a country with vast culture and acceptance that make people tolerant towards any new concept. The population of 1.2 with varied language, culture, religion and taste come together to frame India in terms of a bond that is breakable. Indian people always look for new challenges and their unique zest for life help them seek new paths that bridges work and entertainment. The Indian game of poker is quite interesting and resemble the old game of “Teen Patti” which help people of all age group relate easily.

Gradual Rise

The tailor-made gaming platform attracts the attention of many youngsters, office goers and more. The success of various Indian Poker Pros like – Nipun Java, Raghav Bansal, Aditya Agarwal, Taha Maruf, Aditya Sushant; also inspires others to take up poker gaming as a profession. This invoked the interest of many. The exemplary contribution of all these players in both national and international game works as a major factor.  Women Poker players are also not left behind. Muskan Sethi, Simrit Tiwana, Smita Agarwal are few such girls who never looked back. Ever since they started their journey with recreational poker playing.

Final words:

With the digital platform more and more players are gradually becoming a part of the poker bandwagon. According to studies by experts – India is gradually walking towards acquiring the biggest market in Poker Games. States like – West Bengal, Nagaland, Sikkim and Goa have taken steps towards the legalization of the game. The industry is, therefore, experiencing an exponential growth. Tourneys and cash games are unanimously popular among Indian masses of all age group.

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