Details to Play Khelo 365 Sit and Go Tournaments

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  • 19 September,2018

The most attractive tournaments hosted by Khelo365 is the – Sit&Go and this is basically popular among the mass. But what is the reason that makes it a popular one? Let’s take a look at the views of latest Indian online poker news daily.


This game does not have any start time in reality and commences when all the seats are full. The seta for each tournament varies but to be exact – six is the maximum number. There are a fixed buy-in and the number of chips that they receive against this. On losing all the poker chips, the player stands disqualified from the tournament. The game continues unless all players except one get eliminated. This player who survives till the end is declared as winners.

There are various reasons that make the tournaments a popular one among the Poker crowd. The reasons are:


People interested in playing poker and having a tight schedule is nothing surprising. But tournaments like Sit N Go allows the players to have lower time commitment thus helping them in making out time for the game. if the tournaments became time-consuming, these players might not play the game.


This structure is lucrative for the players and profitable at the same time. Though the cash benefits of the tournaments often vary; low time investment and a lower pool of players make it very appealing.

Apart from all these factors, the most interesting one is – the buy-in amount is small and the players get eliminated as the game moves forward thus making it a possibility to taste the final table. The flexibility of the game commencing time also offers the interested players a scope to play with the online site of KHELO 365. Let’s check the weekly schedule of Sit N Go. Keep following us for more information and online poker news about various other online Poker Platforms.

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