Common Poker Mistakes to Avoid When Playing No Limit Texas Hold’em

By superadmin
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  • 19 September,2018

Are you an ardent poker player and witnessed co-players making mistakes? Well, that’s a common sight. As poker players, we of course understand the errors made while playing No Limit Texas Hold’em. With an initiative to reduce the mistakes we have noted down few common ones that can save your turn and omit the risk of same!

Let’s quote Dan Harrington saying – “You don’t win 100% of the time. you do something adequate. You stay in the game, you keep playing. You’re going to win eventually”. Poker is all about raising your bets, folding hands and winning with bluffs. Take an insight into the common mistakes showcased while playing a poker tournament:

  1. Not Respecting Early Position Raise:

The biggest mistake seen among players is not respecting the player who raises in early position. Always. Remember, there are 8 others at the table after him (when 9 people play) who he has to fade away from the game. there are high chances that the person is holding a big hand. You must not allow other players to evade you from the table instead let them pay for their action. It is advisable to protect your hand in case you are holding top pair and there are potential chances of a flush/straight. The other players should not get a chance of availing free cards or drawing out on you. You always have the option of betting the pot or double the pot as to thin the herd.

  1. Not trying to thin the herd of players at the table:

The lesser the better must help you win the show! It is obvious that a player will never want the guy sitting next to him hit a flop and beat his hand with a King Deuce (let’s assume he has the best pair). Therefore, reduce the risk; go ahead make a bet, double or triple the pot.  Keep in mind that the bet you are making must reduce the number of players and thus reduce your risk of getting drawn out!  If you want to sit at the final table play wisely. For example: if you are leading with the chips stack tighten up a bit! Calling out a raise that results in losing 20 % of the stack to pocket rockets is absolute crap. Play only good hands and nothing else!

  1. Forgetting about common sense and its use:

With years of experience in the game, we have fathomed the fact that nothing but the use of common sense can only make you win the game. let’s take the help of a scenario to understand this:


SouravAce14 (an online Poker Player) was on the big blind and there were no raises preflop, so he got to see the flop for free. There were 7 people in the hand and the flop comes as –  A-hearts, K-diamonds, -10-diamonds, now SouravAce14 was holding crap, 6-7 offsuit. Well nobody bets and it comes around to SouravAce14 and he triples the pot. It goes around the table and one guy calls, the next one raises, then another goes all in thus SouravAce14 Folds!

But while Talking in terms of common sense we can say –  with a flop like that everyone got a piece of it, whether it’s a gut shot straight or 4 to a flush or just top or second pair. Experience pricks in between and say – usually players discard their low cards and stay in with their big cards or pocket pairs. When a big flop like that comes up common sense tells – when there are 7 other people in the pot that (a few if not all) caught some part of that flop. What a horrible time to try to buy one.

  1. Playing like a Novice:

There’s no point in lacking confidence. Try to imagine yourself at the WSOP final table playing for 1.5 million. Then ask yourself how would Doyle Brunson play the hand? Take your time and you will probably make the right call. Remember only skill can get you so far, you also have to treat luck in your favor and not get too many bad beats. You should not be discouraged if you made the right play and still lost the hand. If you played the hand like Doyle would have played the hand and you get a bad beat, well that’s just part of poker as he says – “May the Flop Be with You”.