Cheated in Online Poker tourney? Spot the Collusion

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  • 19 September,2018

Have you ever felt that someone is cheating you while playing online poker tourneys? Did you ever spot collusion at a poker table? Let’s take a look at a few examples that will help you in a better understanding of the same.

For example –

You are the player at a 4 max table. Among the players on the table, two or three might be an acquaintance talking over phone call or say chat messenger on the hands they have! There are three ways that cheating can take place in such a situation. Want to know what are they?

  1. In case, Player A has pocket tens while Player X have pocket Kings. They go all in since they are actually cheating! A will fold his hands instead of making a call.
  2. Player A and X will never lose money to each other or bump heads in a hand!
  3. If player X has the best hands or nuts, he will go forward with a bet and the immediate next Player B (let’s pretend he is having the second best hands). Then Player A will raise the pot for his collusion partner X. Result – Player B loses 4 times of the money.

What do Players B thinks?

So, Player B tends to think that he has a bad beat; but in reality, he is being cheated by Player X and A. The other factor is that B would have never incurred a loss if there was no collusion happening on the table (which he is totally unaware of). Collusion can be spotted on an online poker table if the players become little observant! Take point 3 – if Player A accidentally shows his hands, B who actually lost would become suspicious of the actions. The reason of suspicion would be that A was actually raising with lower hands. Thus, B starts observing and understanding the player very closely!

Other Instances of Online Collusion:

Online Poker players often face collusions and are cheated on various grounds. Supposedly you are playing at a No Limit Texas Hold’em Tourney. While the game is still on, you arrive at a table where you bump into your best friend and play a heads-up match! If you have a nut hand and instead of raising you check to her/him. Now, though you can contest that you are actually not cheating but this is considered illegal. The other players on the table can also suspect a collusion since they will assume you are trying to save your friends chips out of friendship.

How to Prevent Collusion?

Now the question that might be lurking at the back of your mind is whether the situations are unavoidable! The answer is no, collusions can be avoided. The best thing that could be done to prevent collusion in an online poker table is to write to the customer support executive of the poker site that you are playing in! collusions are always considered to be an unlawful activity. The site will undoubtedly assist you on this and carry out an investigation on such issues. They also ensure taking right action against the player/players doing such illegal activities. Remember to mention the User Id of the players you suspect cheating, the table it happened and also the hand number. These will help you get the best reviews from support team and can be caught while colluding.

You must remember that once a collusion is reported and then prove, the amount of money unlawfully taken will make its way back to You. Keep Grinding!