Adda52 witnesses the 5th Godfather Amit030

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  • 19 September,2018, stated to be the one of the largest poker site, saw a huge success on 8th February. The site already saw the wrapping up of successful online events. There were 329 entries with the best player of all time- Amit Kumar alias Amit 030.

You must be craving for more latest poker news India and here it is. He is believed to have defeated “Majnubhai” claiming the title of God Father with a winning amount of INR 5,20,000. The game witnessed Majnubhai as the runner up and settled for cash amount INR 3,30,000. The cash was paid out to top 27 lace holders with the minimum ash amount of INR 12,000.

The tournament in details:

As the game of poker begins you never know who is the winner and therefore, with each game the reason of excitement increases. Here is a snap of online poker news. It was a tough fight for the winner of the title GODFATHER and here’s an insight to the poker match. The blind running on the last hand of the tournament had a blind of 25000/50000. The winner had poker hands of Ac-2c in holding whereas the stacks of majnubhai was shoved by himself with Ad and 3d.

Amit030 tanked and call all-in bet with the board running out 3d-Ah-4c-Qc-8c thus providing Amit with a winning flush and taking down the title. The field was really tough for Amit030 as the tourney drew a lot of famous poker players. The prominent poker player list consists of badtameezdonk, homelite, sweatmyass13’, slot machine, amitshur2948, pomfret1989, thegrinder, VasuShrest, hzgod, Squashgod, Zonas, Muskaan. Anishpatra, manamish, Highroller 1, Thatmy money and Bhaijii to name a few.

And the Winner Shines Bright …

The path leading towards victory of Amit030 was not at all easy since the tale had many prominent players. Naming the players as bothras, oshoswami, ImHighIshove and gameank123. If you take a look at the details of the winnings provided below you will get to know the players who could change their luck. The top nine players and their winning amount could be recorded in ascending order as – pharlap 42000, mihirparv 55000, sanjaykotak75 70000, gameank123 10, 5000, ImHighIshove 1,45000, Oshoswami 1,95000, bothras 250000, majnubhai 3,30000 and finally Amit030 5,20000.

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