5 Richest Male Poker Players in India

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  • 19 September,2018

The game of Poker is more of strategical approach rather than being game of luck. We are a Poker News Portal that brings to the readers various News about Indian Poker. The growing popularity of the Poker games is the witness of the fact that more and more players are gradually becoming the part of this online gaming. As Katy Lederer says – “The cardinal sin in Poker… is becoming emotionally involved” and that’s where the players get attracted.

Now, let us take a look at the top 5 richest male Poker players in India. Here you go:

  1. Nipun Java:

With a POY score of 1.648.75 that places him at the 688 all-time poker money list but the first in Indian list. He is the best Indian Poker Player according to POY (Player of the Year) ranking. The total earning of the man is $394,601 and the live earning counts up to: $1,977,177. His biggest winning amount was in the year 2016 – $16,280

  1. Raghav Bansal:

He ranks second when it comes to calculation in terms of the Indian Poker Players’ List. Raghav Bansal is one of the popular player who is not only found in alleys but also in biggest casino in India or abroad. His POY points is 1,444.97 according to 2016 calculation. The rank of this hooded figure and signature shades, that helps identifying him, is 245th in Global Index of Poker. The total earning of the player is $735,024 and from live cash earning $335, 910 that also contributes to his total earning.

  1. Aditya Agarwal:

He is noted for playing online and cashing out from several WSOP events held in USA. Ranked 3rd this player’s last game was NO Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship, where he took away $18,714. His total earning from online and live games stands as $2,201,866. This popular player ranks 942nd most popular player when   counted as Global Poker Index. 2,325th highest money winner in the world, this player also ranks 3rd on All-time money list in India.

  1. Taha Maruf:

This player is gradually taking the Indian Poker by storm with his efficient performance. He finished in the third place at the No Limit Hold’em WPT that took place in Atlanta City. The player took home a bumper money amount – $3,00,361. He also ranked 6th in another event that was a part of this tournament itself. Spotted wearing Manchester United Kit while he plays live Poker.

  1. Aditya Sushant:

When calculated as all-time Poker Player in India, he ranks 5th. His winning stands a little expanded from the mark of $3,00, 000. He is the 5,480 best player in the world Poker World. His Global Poker Index is 1,668th and the popular ranking is 6,016. The live cash winning stands as $75, 319.

All this information makes sure that India needs to seriously do something about the Poker ranks and inspire more players to take up the career of Piker Gaming. Poker Indian Group is one of the Poker News Portal that provides you with various detailed Poker News. Stay tuned for more!