Dhiren Rupani Wins INR 4.50 Lakhs At Adda52 Millions

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  • 25 December,2017

With the holiday season getting warmer with joyous celebrations all around, today we have some more fantastic news for all our beloved followers. Keeping with our trend of bringing you the latest poker news daily, today we are going to put the spotlight on Dhiren Rupani who won the latest edition of Adda52 Millions tourney.

Last Sunday on Christmas Eve, the weekly poker event organized by Adda52 completed another outstanding chapter of the Millions event. The tourney saw an impressive 152 entries as well as an extra 74 re-entries. This resulted in a whopping prize pool of INR 15.82 lakh. As the game started, all the poker warriors battled it out hard on the table, however, Dhiren ‘dhirenrupani’ Rupani managed to come out at the top and become the champion.

In a heads-up fight, Dhiren defeated Vasudev ‘VasuShrest’ Shrest and claimed the winning title along with a huge cash prize of INR 4.5 lakhs. Vasudev who finished as the runner-up still took home a remarkable prize money of INR 2,84,760.

The Final Table

At the final table, we saw a number of reputed and respected online poker players from our Indian poker community like Deepak Bothra. Although Bothra could not win the title but he played well at the final table and finished at the 9th position to win a cool prize money of INR 35,595. Some other popular players in the tourney, who could not manage to cash out, were pokemon13, narcosis, DoJingBULLETS, Vikinse, phanthom, Bhaijiii, bhola, Squashgod, KunalPatni, homelite and others.

During the final hand, reputed online grinder Vasudev Shrest decided to move all in with 8c-8h while Dhiren made a call with 10c-10h. The board had Qs-7s-Kd-3c-7d. Although both the players owned two pairs, it was Dhiren Rupani who became the champion as he had higher two pairs.

Here are the results from the final table:

Sl. No. Player Prize Money (INR)
1 dhirenrupani 4,50,870
2 VasuShrest 2,84,760
3 gmtesting 2,05,660
4 AAA09 1,62,155
5 aXnlkaran 1,18,650
6 pushnpray 87,010
7 notandor 59,325
8 badtameez_donk 47,460
9 Deepak ‘bothras’ Bothra 35,595

We congratulate Dhiren ‘dhirenrupani’ Rupani on his amazing win and hope to see him win more titles (and bigger prize money) in future.

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Happy grinding!